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0 Advertise Here!. is dedicated to helping existing and potential 3D printing enthusiasts to become successful at 3D printing.
Since the launch of the site in January 2013 the readership has grown strongly and today we receive thousands of visitors per month.
Organic search accounts for about 65% of our traffic, making for a highly targeted audience.
Our readers represent a broad spectrum of relevant interests in 3D printing specific topics such as 3D printers, 3D printer filament, 3D printing software, 3D modeling and much more.
If you choose to advertise with us, you are able to get your products and services in-front of this highly relevant audience.
Contact us for more details and pricing either via email info(@) or by using the contact form below.
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We offer 4 different ad banner spaces on the site (see picture below for ad space illustration): Ad Space 1 – Maximum Exposure A 468×60 banner in the page header.
This above-the-fold banner is instantly visible and guarantees maximum exposure as it shown in every single view (all blog posts & all pages) Column 2 Ad Space 2 – High Exposure A 300×250 banner in the side bar.
Place prominently above-the-fold, this banner is highly visible to all website visitors.

This banner is shown with all blog posts but not on all Resources pages

Ad Space 3 – Excellent Contextual Exposure A 468×60 banner placed at the top (above-the-fold) of a blog post highly relevant to the advertiser’s products or services.
This is the best option for targeted traffic.

Ad Space 4 – Value Option A 468×60 banner placed below each blog post

Gain site-wide exposure with this best value for money option.

Contact Us For More Details and Pricing

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Don”t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries or questions.
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