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Growing Pains.
I recently moved my blog to a new domain.
After messing around a bit to get it formatted to my liking, I announced the new location of my blog.
At that point, my web host promptly gave up and let my site fall on its face.
After numerous e-mails without a single response or any effort on my web host’s behalf to get things back up and running again, I have moved to a new host.
I have some work left to do to get my new blog at my new site formatted to my liking, but at least it is up and running again.
I will get it formatted over the next few days, I hope.
And I really do have some ideas for new blog posts.
Time is at a premium for me right now, so I just need to wrap some things up before I can part with some time to get some writing done.
If you are still reading this, thank you for your patience.
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written with Xamarin and CocosSharp.
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