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Hello, how are you.
In 2019 I’ve put out one album, and contributed heavily to another.
The Alewife.
It’s been a year since the release of Also, .

And this is another album of all-original instrumental rock The Alewife

The Alewife is a fish.
Some places call it a gaspareau but I know you wouldn’t be able to pronounce that so I called it The Alewife even though nobody here calls them alewife.
You can get this album from all the standard places.
, , , , and countless others that nobody has even heard of let alone used.
You can follow this link to see lots of places to get it.
If you get it from Bandcamp it has the advantage of being (a) the lowest price (b) available in multiple DRM-free formats like highest quality MP3, Lossless formats like FLAC, Ogg Morbo or whatever it’s called these days.

Or you can just listen for what counts as “free” from Spotify

Do what you want, I’m not your dad.
The Alewife by is licensed under a.

All’s Well: A Night Attack Album

This is a compilation of some of the music I made for the show Night Attack

It features comedy from Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young

Most of the musical tracks were previously released here on my page Songs to Night Attack By but it also has a previously-unreleased track with the excellent, excellent title of Poop in Space.
Also a first for me, .

There’s a cover version of Need a Little Time by actual musician

You can get the full version of his cover on iTunes, .

Since for some reason only part of it is on All’s Well

Night Attack handled the release and distribution of All’s Well

so you can get it from , , Amazon, , and Spotify.
This album hit #1 on iTunes comedy, Google Play Comedy, Amazon Comedy, #3 overall on iTunes, #1 overall on Amazon, and #2 overall on Google Play.
It failed to chart on Billboard because either due to “being priced too low” or “nobody understands how to get albums listed on Billboard” In the press, All’s Well was written up in an article on The Daily Dot and The ATOP Newsletter If you’re looking for the musical tracks from All’s Well in lossless format because that’s that way you roll, here they are.
The album on Spotify: , , , and CHOOSE WISELY Select Category administrivia  (8) DigitalMicrograph  (1) Microcontrollers  (13) Music  (30) WTF  (11).

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