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/ 5:03 am Mon Watch ants colonize a fresh ant farm

Don”t worry, it”s sped up.
The little critters fan out into the sand over the course of a day or so, .

Welcoming us to Ant Farm Time Lapse YouTube

ants /.
/ 9:00 am Tue, Sep 1, 2020 Weaver ants use their larvae as tiny silk-spewing glue guns.
Oecophylla weaver ants create nests from up to 300 leaves, then expand their colony with far-reaching outposts on the borders.
To hold their homes together, they affix the leaves with the sticky silk produced by their larvae, then use more silk inside the leafy nests to create chambers.
This is the third in Kurzgesagt”s ant […] SHARE / TWEET / 3 COMMENTS.
ants / / entomology / nautre.
/ 5:55 am Mon, Jul 6, .

2020 Watch this antkeeper deal with a major fire ant breach in his home

Mikey from Ants Canada woke up one day to his worst nightmare: his fire ants had escaped from their enclosure.
Watch how he corrals all the escapees and manages to return most of them alive.
ants / ants canada / entomology / insects.
/ 6:48 am Fri, Aug 16, 2019 1000fps video reveals the underlying action of a stinging ant”s venom injection for the very first time.

Ant Lab”s Adrian Smith (previously) writes

“No one had ever filmed how ants inject venom when they sting something.
I study ants and I make videos, so I went to work on getting that footage.
It involved filming something smaller than a human hair moving faster than the blink of an eye.
But, .


ants / entomology / / venom in an eyeblink /.
/ 10:19 am Thu, Sep 20, 2018 Nature”s greatest con-artists: the parasitic beetles that trick ants into barfing into their mouths.
Myrmecophiles are parasitic beetles that use chemical cues to fool ants into bringing them into their nests and regurgitating food into their mouths, diverting the colony”s bounty of semi-digested ant-chow from the queen and her babies to their own hungry guts.
Ant Lab shows us how a Xenodusa beetle can con Camponotus ants into a […] SHARE / TWEET / 4 COMMENTS.
ants / biology / bugs / entomology / / parasite rex / scholarship / / videos /.
/ 9:15 am Mon, Aug 20, 2018 What robots can learn from fire ants.
When fire ants dig out a new nest underground, a small number are actually doing most of the work while the rest dilly-dally.
Apparently this is actually an effective division of labor because it prevents the insects from getting in each other”s way.
Now, Georgia Tech researchers suggest this approach could be help future robot […] SHARE / TWEET / 14 COMMENTS.
ants / biomimicry / insects / / robots.
/ 8:36 am Thu, Aug 31, 2017 Floating islands of fire ants.
A fresh hell for the flooded plains of Texas: Yes, That”s a Huge Floating Mass of Live Fire Ants in Texas.
(Photo: Brant Kelly / CC BY 2.0) Sarah Zhang: “Holy crap.
I have never, in my entire career as an ant researcher, seen *anything* like this,” tweeted Alex Wild, curator of entomology at University […] SHARE / TWEET / 39 COMMENTS.
ants / floods / texas / thants ants.
/ 10:46 am Mon, Jul 24, 2017 Spectacular footage of desert ants versus antlion death traps.
Namibian desert Hotrod ants have evolved to tiptoe around to avoid baking to death in the unrelenting sun.
But other dangers lurk, like these terrifying real-life sarlacc pits created by antlions.

Ant / antlion / ants / Nature / nope / sarlacc pit /

/ 5:50 am Thu, Jul 13, 2017 Watch this ant colony vs.
carnivorous pitcher plants.
AntsCanada (previously) has an overpopulation problem in his yellow crazy ant colony, so he added two kinds of carnivorous pitcher plants.
The resulting relationship between ant versus plant turned out to be quite fascinating.

Ant / ants / carnivorous plant / / / Nature / / terrarium /

/ 6:28 am Tue, Feb 21, 2017 Watch how to transfer an ant colony from one terrarium to another.
AntsCanada”s colony of Yellow Crazy Ants got infested with mites, so he had to transfer them to a new home in a beautiful terrarium he dubs Hacienda Del Dorado.
Quite a production.
antkeeping / ants / terrarium /.
/ 4:30 am Fri, Oct 28, 2016 Time-lapse videos of ants eating stuff set to stock music.
Ants Eating Stuff to Stock Music is “Nothing more than oddly satisfying time-lapse videos of ants eating stuff all set to random stock music.” It”s interesting how the ants covered the Rice Krispie Treat and McDonald”s Hot Apple Pie with cut leaves.
ants /.
/ 9:23 am Mon, Sep 12, 2016 Bull ants swarm a clockwork toy robot.
Someone sent a wind-up robot tottering into a nest of Australian bull ants, a species “characterised by their extreme aggressiveness, ferocity, and painful stings.” It”s a delight to watch these formicidaen bullies spend themselves impotently on the unfeeling skin of a toy, thus proving the superiority of humans over jerky ants.

(via Beyond the Beyond) SHARE / TWEET / 21 COMMENTS

ants / / impotence / robots / videos /.
/ 10:01 am Wed, Jul 13, 2016 Ant colonies could inspire better network algorithms and robot swarms.
Colonies of ants base decisions like where to establish a nest based on their population density.
Scientists theorize that ants can estimate how many of their kind are around by randomly exploring the area and bumping into other ants.
New research from MIT computer scientists not only supports this theory but could also be used […] SHARE / TWEET / 6 COMMENTS.
ants / biomimicry / emergence / networks.
/ 9:22 am Tue, May 24, 2016 Ant bites butterfly”s tongue.
In this video a butterfly is trying to eat something but a turfy ant won”t let it.
ants / butterflies /.
/ 8:54 am Tue, May 17, 2016 A mass of ants behaving like a fluid so they can get things done.
Here are side-by-side video clips comparing a bunch of fire ants with different kinds of liquid.
Fire ants use their claws to grip diverse surfaces, including each other.
As a result of their mutual adhesion and large numbers, ant colonies flow like inanimate fluids.
This film shows how ants behave similarly to the spreading of […] SHARE / TWEET / 19 COMMENTS.
ants /.
/ 9:04 am Wed, Sep 2, 2015 Watch ants weirdly circle an iPhone when it rings.
These ants circle an iPhone like it”s the Ka”aba in Mecca.
ants / biology / insects / iphone.
/ 8:57 am Wed, Jul 24, 2013 Leafcutter ants of Catan.
Leafcutter ants are fascinating tropical creatures that farm fungus gardens, require access to certain resources in order to survive and grow, and are constantly splitting off from the pack to form new colonies with connections to the old.
Which, of course, makes them the perfect species to adapt into a version of Settlers of Catan, […] SHARE / TWEET / 1 COMMENTS.
ants / / / settlers of catan / social insects.
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