Poly Cotton Fabric Dyeing Machine Process

DyeingList of Dyeing Machine for Fabric dye in Textile Specification of Dyeing Pc List of Dyeing Machine for Fabric dye in Textile.
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Mashiur RahmanDyeing Machine for Dye:

Dyeing Machine for dye is used for dyeing fabric, dyeing polyester, dyeing clothe and others type of dyeing.
This machine is also used for natural dyes, purple dye, tie dye instructions etc.
Before the people used the fabric without dyeing, after the few years they was dyed fabric with the help of big pot.
That time, no dyeing machine was invented when people dyed the fabric with vary short range most probably at home for their domestic use for dyeing wool.
The dyeing or dyeing wool was not so good because of the poor chemical and dyes ratio.
Day to day peoples are increasing and needs of cloth was also increased and also increase their decorative working for dyeing fabric.
Every dye system has different features in terms of versatility  use of carriers, weight limits, etc.
List of Dyeing Machine in Textile:.

List of dyeing machine is given below-Cold Pad Batch Dyeing Machine

Rope Dyeing Machine.
Singeing Machine and Desizing Machine.
Jet Dyeing Machine.

Fabric Dyeing Machine HT/Atmospherics/Overflow

Indigo Dyeing Machine.
Scouring Machine and Bleaching Machine.

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Jiggers Dyeing Machine for Dye.

What is Laboratory Pad Steam Dyeing Machine?

What is Warp Dyeing Padders?.
Mercerizing Machine.
Air Jet Flow.
Thermosol Dyeing Machine.
Auto Glue Labeling Machine.
Dyeing Machine Controller.
Rotary Garment Dyeing Machine.

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Poly Cotton Fabric Dyeing Machine Process.
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What is IR Dyeing Machine?.

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Pilot-Scale Nitrogen Dyeing Machine

Pilot-scale Garment Dyeing Machine

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Fabric Jet Dyeing Machines List.
Fiber Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Wool:.
Fiber Dyeing MachineThe machine is used for dyeing loose Fiber and dyeing wool,Feature Fiber Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Clothe:.
When huge amount of loose cotton fiber or dyeing wool is to be dyed in standard dyeing shade, continuous dyeing may be carried out.
The output of the can be as high as 2500lb per hour for natural dyes and purple dye.
Owing to the cut off, the pump only sucks through the lower half of the cylinder.
Specification of  Standard Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Clothe:.
When we will buy dyeing machine we should check some specifications which are given below-[label type=”label” title=”Specification Name”][label type=”label” title=”Specification Value”]Product CategoryDyeingMachine CategoryDyeing MachineProduct NameHT-HP Dyeing MachineProduct ModelFUTURA HT2 (4 ropes)Product ClassUsedOrigineEUROPEBrand/ManufacturereAllianceAgent of BangladeshNoPowerNATemperatureNADescription2 coupled machines each 2 tubes each 1 electronic Programming COMEUREG Possibility to work independentlyCertificationNAMax.
Cloth Capacity800 kgCloth Capacity800 kgNo of Tube2Fabric Linear SpeedNAMax.
Heating up Speed5/min (steam pressure 0.50.7MPaLiquor Ratio1: 3 PolyesterMax.
Working Temperature140Max.
Working Pressure0.4MPaHow to dyeing clothe and how to dye polyester:.
In the machine of purple dye the dye liquor is kept stationary while the cotton is moved in the liquor Cotton fiber are feed in the form of laps, 2 inch thick and 36 inch wide, which are uniformly packed.
A perforated cast iron cylinder with closed end plates is made to rotate at the conveyor speed.
Its axis is provided by a stationary hollow pipe which is connected to a suction pipe.
There are five units, wetting, dyeing clothe, cold wash, hot wash, drying with this type of cylinder and every nit has definite liquor.
Five such units may be connected in series, with one common conveyer as the lower conveyer and five individual upper conveyors for dyeing clothe.
Different options are carried out in this those five units and finally the lap is fed to Creighton opener, where the lap is disintegrated into loose fiber.
Abnormalities seen in the dyeing processes.
Lack of supervision: This is the main abnormality that is seen in the dyeing process.
The supervisors and their superiors are not willing to keep in touch with the dyeing machines.
Time reduction tendencies of the operators: Operators are always interested in reducing the dyeing process time.
For this sometimes they decrease the standard process time.
It doesn’t give them any fruitful result as they have to redye some fabric often.
Improper handling of chemicals: operators are not careful in handling chemicals.
Some chemicals are dangerous and some should be strictly isolated.
But operators use the same mug for taking different agent.
It may contaminate the chemicals.
Safety equipments are not used by the workers.
Improper utilization through imperfect measurement of chemicals: The operators and helpers are not interested to use balance.
They take chemicals from store by assumption.
They have tendencies to use more chemicals.
They believe by using more chemicals time can be reduced.
Mechanical problems in the dyeing machines: there are several types of turbulence in dyeing machines.
they can be stated machine wise as follows~.
Dyeing Machine 1-Sealing problem in the non return valve of streamline.
Lack of insulation in the steam line.
Dyeing Machine 3-Sealing problem in the steam line flange.
Sealing problem in the steam line valve.
Insulation problem.
Sample dyeing machine1-Severe problem in the slip ring sealing of the pump.
Leakage in the stem line.
Sample dyeing machine2-Sealing problem in the lid.
Problem in the control valve with actuator.
Dyeing Machine 4-Problem in the globe valve sealing in the steam line.
Display problem.
Dyeing machine 5-Problem in the steam line valve sealing.
Dyeing machine 6-Steam line flange leakage.
Sealing problem in the pump.
Other common problems are dosing line jam for not filtering soda & salt.
problem in the winch real motor.
steam line problem.
improper pressure in the pneumatic line.
Lack of willingness to find the cause of faulty dyeing~ there is lack of willingness to recover from dyeing faults in everyone’s mind.
There lack of accountability.
The work force only has to enquire for delay of production.
Maintenance Problem: maintenance department is solving the problem when the fault has been occurred.
They are not proactive, that is they are not using preventive maintenance for the smooth running of the factory.
Although preventive maintenance scheduling is so tough as the process is continuous.
The dyeing fault may arise from the machine fault.
Bad sealing system in the pump will require more chemicals and water.
Faulty insulation will require more heat energy as.
Some Aspect and Impact of Dye:.
Aspect of DyeImpact of DyeAs per recipe dyeing helper collect the chemicals from chemical storeSpillage of chemicals harmful for users and environment.
Pre-treatment greige fabric in the dyeing M/C  and sample cuttingSteam emission from dyeing to airAfter pre-bleaching dyeing machine drains the waste waterChemicals drain out from the dyeing machineAs per recipe dyeing helper collect the dyes, chemicals and salt from chemical store & mix those at the side tank of the machineSpillage of dyes, chemicals & salt harmful for users and environmentDyeing and pre-treated fabric and sample cutting.
Steam emission from dyeing machine to airAfter dyeing machine drains the wastewaterDyes and chemicals drain out from the dyeing machineDuring sample cutting and washing of dyed fabric to match with approve shedSteam is emitted from dyeing M/CAfter wash of dyed fabric from dyeing M/C to trolleySteam emission from dyeing M/C to airUnloading of dyed fabric from dyeing M/C to trolleyWater spray to the floor.
Transportation of trolley to the De-Water, Slitting M/CWater spray to the floor and becoming wet.
Emission of dust to air when unrolling the greige fabric in the dyeing machineAir pollutionAutoclave:.
Various types of machines in textile are used for processing fibers in loose form.
In conical pan machines in textile the fiber is packed into a removable fiber carrier, which is located onto a central spigot in the base of the vessel.
Associated pipe work allows liquor to be circulated either from the base of the pack or from the top.
Schematic Layout of a conical pan loose fiber dyeing machine Pear shapes machines have a removable perforated based plate through which liquor is circulated via an impeller, returning to the dyeing container via a weir in textile industry.
Fiber is loaded directly for dyeing fabric into these machines and perforated plate is positioned on top.
Liquor circulation packs the fiber into the base of the machine between the two plates.
Radial flow machines are characterized by a fiber carrier, equipped with a central perforated column from which liquor flows across the pack to the perforated walls of the carrier for dyeing fabric.
The low packing density in these machines allows liquor to circulate freely through the fiber pack at modest pressures, thus minimizing mechanical damage to the fiber while ensuring level dyeing fabric.
The bath heats by closed steam  the base of the machine.
In other cases electro  programmers or logic controllers is installed to regulate time / temperature and to control the direction of liquor flow.
The liquor ratio for loose fiber can vary between 1:4 to 1:12, depending on the type of machine, level of loading, type of fiber, etc.
[1] Abu Zamil Mohammad Zakaria, B.
Sc.in Textile Engineering, Daffodil International University.
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Bernina Software How Disperse Dyeing or Polyester Dyeing Works?.
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