Part of the project is to configure Azure Backup for the VM

Saturday, September 05, 2020.

Azure Backup Limitation with migrated servers

Backup I am currently working on an Azure project that involve creation of new VM and migration from VMware on-premises VM.
Part of the project is to configure Azure Backup for the VM.
I had some issue with migrated servers and will provide here after some more information I created Backup Policy based on customer expectation and then tried to deploy on all my servers.
However part of the servers were migrated server from on-premises and on those servers the deployment failed.
I need to troubleshoot the deployment failure.
I get the message UserErrorGuestAgentStatusUnavailable – VM agent unable to communicate with Azure Backup Searching on Internet I find this interesting article: In my case the information provided in this article are the following: UserErrorGuestAgentStatusUnavailable – VM agent unable to communicate with Azure Backup.
Error code: UserErrorGuestAgentStatusUnavailableError message: VM Agent unable to communicate with Azure Backup The Azure VM agent might be stopped, outdated, in an inconsistent state, .

Or not installed and prevent Azure Backup service to trigger snapshots

If the VM agent is stopped or is in an inconsistent state

Restart the Agent and retry the backup operation (try an ad-hoc backup).
For steps to restart the agent, see Windows VMs or I Linux VMs.

If the VM agent is not installed or is outdated

install/update the VM agent and retry the backup operation.
For steps to install/update the agent, see Windows VMs or Linux VMs.
So here are the steps to fix this: Open Web browser and go to, save and run.

Accept the license agreement and click on Next

Click on Finish.
After few moment, .

The service will starts and we can configure Azure Backup on those servers

I am really surprised that Microsoft does not include this tool as part of the migration process.
However it’s not time consuming to download and install it and it does not required a server reboot.
You just need to ensure to do this on your migrated server if you want to enable Azure Backup on those servers.

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