> Me Just a green-eyed gal

> Me Just a green-eyed gal.
My name is Nicole, .

But both online and off I go by Cole and other variations there-of (Nicolean and Oscar)

Online, .

I have gone by the names anaesthetic and LadyCrow

I was born on the last day of May in 1986, .

Which makes me kind of your stereotypical Tiger/Gemini

I am currently living in Central Wisconsin with my two cats

Phantom and Goliath.
They’re approximately five years old.

Phantom is a beautiful Russian Blue and Goliath is a silky domestic shorthair in black

I’m a freelance writer by day and a blogger by night; although, those time periods are flexible because I keep odd hours.
I’ve used writing as an outlet over the years, which is part of how this site started.

You can see poetry and a few short stories at Lyrical Musings

Since becoming a freelance writer, writing has lost some of the sparkle for me. You can ask me, but I do, and always will, tell you that I’m not an artist. One of my artsier hobbies is that of web design and maintenance .
However,  I tend to revel more in the coding side of that.
I have found that I excel creatively only within some guidelines which, if you really think about it, isn’t that creative.
I also like to sing (and dance around the house when no one is looking).
I am a fan of games of all kinds: board and card games and video games .
Game nights have become something of a thing in my circle of friends, and I typically host.
I cook because I like eating, but I hate cooking.
I enjoy a good book but would rather veg out with a movie if I’m tired.
One of the most important aspects of my life in my interest in music and I spend much time with my headphones on or listening to music on the computer.

My favorite for quite some time was Metallica

My favorite artists include Pat Benatar, Metallica, Cold, Sarah Mclachlan, Journey, Queen, Within Temptation, Pink, .

Matchbox Twenty and A Perfect Circle

50 Facts About Me I love animals

I love to sing but never in front of other people.
I only like the cold if I am outside.
At face value I am very shallow and cold but it’s mostly because I think too fast and I can’t help but sounding objective.
I am violently affectionate over my friends.
I would give anything for an older brother.
I have a sister who is 17 years my junior, Samantha.
I also had a sister, Amanda, who died when I was 9.
I am extremely open minded, even though it might not seem like it.
I can’t stand people who don’t shovel their sidewalks.
I am unusually optimistic about love.
I feel rejected when my cat doesn’t sleep by me.
I find that I don’t have a romantic type anymore.
Friendship wise I prefer guys over girls.
When I was younger, I couldn’t stand my hometown.
After traveling the world, I’m glad to be back.
I think of my pets as people.
My bed is covered with stuffed animals.
I can’t sleep without sheets.
I’m extremely self concious, with a horrible inferiority complex, .

But you’d probably think I have a God complex

I want to always be spontaneous, but this is fairly impossible.
Because I suffer from anxiety.
I’m really good at typing incorrectly .
I need to always be entertained , but few things can keep my attention.
I love all types of music.
I love the smell of leather.
I will always stand up for what I believe.
I change my mind often.
I like to listen to songs that make me cry… sometimes.
If I didn’t have music, I’d die.
I want everyone to be my soulmate, in some way or another.
I love to read.
I can cross a 4 lane highway with my nose in a book no problem, but when it comes to the kitchen doorway or walking around the furniture in my bedroom, I always hit something.
I love to write poems, but never to read them.
I also like to blog but rarely read others’ blogs.
I sleep too much.
I’ve already picked out my boy child’s name.
I hate my given name.
I prefer my nickname and married name.
I apologize a lot.
.because I deeply care about others’ feelings.
I am not perfect enough to please me.
I have become a neat freak as an adult.
I am a geek in a major way.
I’ve been single for three years .
And I don’t always mind it.
I am fantastic at entertaining myself.

I love Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis — never Universe)

I have a thing for guys — and girls — in glasses.
I love puns and “bad” jokes.
I don’t take pictures for memories.
I take them because the subject is pretty.
Photos get in the way of how I remember things.
I can dissociate sex and love.
but I’d rather not.
I never thought I’d make a living writing.
I love getting lost in HTML, PHP, CSS and website maintenance.

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