Like Dreamfall and The Legend of Zelda

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[Originally posted on PopMatters] Toren opens with a clarity of purpose but a mystery of place that I haven’t experienced in a game since Shadow of the Colossus.
Like Ico, Vagrant Story or, more recently, Journey and Dark Souls, it tells a complex story with space, light, and movement.
Like Dreamfall and The Legend of Zelda, … Feb 24, 2013Apr 13, .

2015 More on the Character’s from Dreamfall

Last week on The Border House, I gave a fairly detailed but non-spoilery overview on The Longest Journey and its sequel, .

Dreamfall (“The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.” Feb 22 2013.)

Both games feature remarkable characters in a fairly interesting world and there were some things I didn’t get a chance to unpack in the article that … Continue reading More on the Character’s from Dreamfall Feb 22, 2013Apr 13, .

2015 The Longest Journey and Dreamfall

[Originally posted on The Border House] Writing about the game that gave this site its name feels a bit like smugly opening a discussion about science fiction with “Did you know that Blade Runner is kind of a big deal?” But with creator Ragnar Tørnquist’s new studio succeeding in their kickstarter campaign to continue the … Continue reading The Longest Journey and Dreamfall Jan 23, 2013Apr 13, .

2015 Review: The Journey Down Chapter One

[Originally posted on PopMatters] The Journey Down: Chapter One is the labour of love of Swedish indie developer Skygoblin.
The whole project is drenched in indie style and direction, and in a perfect world, many of its best ideas hopefully will filter through to the mainstream market.
At just over two hours of gameplay, it’s just … Continue reading Review: The Journey Down Chapter One Dec 1, 2012Mar 4, 2016 #1reasonwhy I Have a Problem with Deponia (and other stuff).
I realized today that I can’t expect to be taken seriously as a writer on video games and stay silent on the #number1reason hashtag that took over twitter this week (Rose, Mike.

“Twitter hashtag ‘#1reasonwhy’ exposes sexism in game industry.” Gamasutra

Nov 27 2012.).
In short, I support it.
I call myself a feminist and … Continue reading #1reasonwhy I Have a Problem with Deponia (and other stuff) 2 Next page.

RT @: Critical Compilation: Dishonored

RT @: Take time to listen to this short lecture by @

He does a strong job of contextualizing the current moment.
A primer on….
RT @: July in videogames vods: ugliness, play spaces, gatekeeping and religion.
Time to see a bad decision in action.
RT @: August 23rd – a new This Week in Videogame Blogging,Affect,Design,fighting games,Fun,Ghost of Tsushima,primers,relational….
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