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/ Posts Tagged “audio” 09 Oct 2015 by No Comments Vintage Wood Prospector Boomcase.
The market is packed with cheap audio systems that meet the basic needs of most users in exchange for low prices.
However, if you are looking for something with personality and style, you can find few good audio systems at reasonable prices.
If we talk about boomcases, there are few that are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

This vintage Prospector BoomCase is combining the old and the new in a sublime way

looking amazing while still keeping high audio fidelity.
It features a 50 Watt amplifier , two full range point source drivers and two tweeters.
If you want to carry it with you, you have a leather strap for easy transport .
So, if you have some money on the side, you might consider this Vintage Wood Prospector Boomcase for… Read More 01 Nov 2014 by No Comments High-End (and expensive) BIZSÓK EI40 Loudspeakers.
I love to invest money in high quality speakers, but the ones presented in this article are specially created for rich folks.
I mean, you really need to have a large bank account in order to afford to spend $11,000 on a pair of high end speakers like BIZSÓK EI40 Loudspeakers .
Product description: Drive units : 1x 25mm (1in) high definition pre-coated fabric dome tweeter 1x 14cm (5.5in) woven polypropylene cone woofer/midrange unit Frequency response : 65Hz – 20kHz (+/- 3dB) Crossover frequency : 2.6kHz Average sensitivity : 86dB / 1m / 2.83V Nominal Impedance : 6ohm Recommended amplifier power: 10W – 60W Dimensions : Height 85.5cm (33.7in) Width 24.5cm (9.6in) Depth 24.5cm (9.6in) Net weight : 15kg (33lb) Read More 16 Oct 2014 by No Comments Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer.
It’s time to unleash the power of music.
This portable DJ Mixer from Monster is a complete portable music gadget that’s able to play, record and mix music on the go.
It features analog and digital controls, and the touchscreen turntables look like they come from a sci-fi movie.

It has enough features to compete with common DJ mixers: sequencer

customizable touch pads, keyboard pad, guitar pad, 3 band equalizer.
Monster Go DJ Portable Mixer has an audio player that offers high resolution sounds and a lithium-ion battery thast allows you to play between 12 hours and 24 hours of music.
There is also a mic and headphone input and the line-in and line-out.

You also have USB ports on board

There are so many features in a device that… Read More 31 Mar 2014 by No Comments A cool spheric speaker by Oyo.
If you are looking for a cool way to listen to music on your tablet or on your smartphone then you should definitely check this cool Ballo speaker created by Oyo.
The speaker has a design that’s sleek and portable, it’s easy to carry with you in a bag or a pocket, it has a case that is made of aluminum and plastic and it features a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
Also, it has a 3.5mm jack that’s compatible with devices used this days.
According to most users, the sound quality of this device is outstanding.
Check its price on Amazon: [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00BXOB3SU”] Read More 07 Mar 2014 by No Comments Portable Wood Speaker @ $50.
If you are tired about all these conventional plastic speakers and you want something more natural, .

You should probably check this Portable Wood Speaker that’s priced at $50

It’s made of beech wood, it has a built in amplifier and there is a rechargeable battery inside.

The device is compatible with: iOS and Android devices

If it’s charged for 2 hours, it will playback 4-5 hours of continuous music at maximum audio level.
Read More 18 Sep 2013 by No Comments The new Sony Walkman 3 in 1: headphones, surround speakers and MP3 player.
Sony introduced a new Walkman concept in the form of headphones that include an MP3 player and surround speakers.
The new Sony Walkman NWZ-WH505 and WH303 have a storage space of 16GB / 4GB and uses the latest technology available.
(more…) Read More 08 Aug 2013 by No Comments 3 Cool Portable Wi-Fi Sound System.
In an era where everything is digitized, we are buying and we are listening to our favorite songs using wireless devices that are connected to the Internet and to each other.
The era of wires in our homes is about to fade out, and we need to readjust our musical gadgets in order to meet the new standards.

Here are 3 cool portable Wi-Fi Sound Systems that you can use in your own home

at picnic or when you are on vacation with your family.
(more…) Read More 03 Jul 2013 by No Comments Altec Lansing iMT810 Digital Boombox price and specs.
There is nothing more beautiful than listening to your favorite music on a powerful audio system.
Altec Lansing iMT810 is a digital music box with a retro design that offers high-quality audio reproduction.
Aside from listening to music directly from your iPhone or iPod.

You can also use the buit-in FM radio

2 aux inputs.
If you want to go portable, you just need to buy 8 D batteries (that will last up to 30 hours) and you’re good to go.
(more…) Read More 23 Apr 2013 by No Comments Pillar Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPhone.

Cool Gadgets If you manage to get your hands on this device

you will probably be amazed by its design.
But don’t get fooled, .

The Pillar is all about sound quality

Designed by Stelle Audio Couture, this Bluetooth wireless speaker fits great in any room, and you can listen to your favorite songs directly from your smartphone.
Read More 12 Apr 2013 by No Comments Affordable Focusrite Home Studio Package ($244).
In order to build a home recording studio you need an audio interface, a microphone, headphones, studio monitors, cables and a recording software.
But if you’re planning to buy reasonable items, you will need to spend at least a budget of $400.
Focusrite is one of the most appreciated recording studio equipment manufacturers in the world, and they are creating high-end recording systems for over 25 years.
Most top-rated studio engineers are using at least one Focusrite product in their recording or mixing chain.
Now, .

Focusrite decided to release cheaper solutions for home studio setups

Amongst various microphones and recording interfaces, we find a complete portable studio equipment with outstanding Focusrite quality that’s actually affordable – $244.
The package contains a quality microphone, Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, referencing headphones, .

Recording… Read More Posts navigation

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