is a state in the virtual “supernation” of Macronesia

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The flag of Macronesia The state flag of Dudeland Hey Dudeists

ever wish there was a nation-state that upheld Dudeist values.
Now there is.
is a state in the virtual “supernation” of Macronesia.
You can receive citizenship immediately.
This is a new project and we’re just starting to get it off the ground.

You can read more about Macronesia’s ethos here

It’s a nation founded upon the idea that increased adherence to rationality can lead to harmony among people, especially if it’s employed in an easygoing manner.
Macronesian states are oriented towards a more specific subset of the Macronesian community.
Is one of several states, .

And it’s directed at followers of Dudeism

We look forward to seeing how Dudeland develops

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