COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 – PLAY FREE

COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 – PLAY FREE.

COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 – PLAY FREE Posted in

, COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 – First Person Shooter – Play Free.
( Requires keyboard + mouse to play ) You can also: (1) buy Supply Pack for this game to enjoy extra resources & support my work.

(2) Order a personalized version of this game as a gift for family or friends

See my or.
COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 Instructions: This is a very fun first person shooter (FPS) zombie survival action game.
Your objective is to survive as long as you can and defend the camp against the attacking hordes of zombies.
This game requires a keyboard and a mouse to play, so it is not suitable for mobile devices.

The controls are: 1 (one) choose Pistol as Weapon

2 (two) choose Shotgun as Weapon

Press R to reload when your clip runs out of bullets.
Left click to shoot.
Right click to zoom in or use the far-aiming mode.

When in the CAMP between battles you will need to think smart and explore for Food

Water and Ammo.
If you run out of any resources you will die, so make sure to have good levels of everything.
In the CAMP you can also Pause the game – this is possible only in the camp and not during zombie attacks.

Shooting well: Shooting is not random

It is important to shoot accurately.
Different parts of the body will receive different damage.
Head-shots are possible and getting shot in the legs is the least damaging for the zombies.
Lastly: It took many hours/days to create this game.

Please consider to support either via Patreon or via purchasing of the Supply Pack

I am happy to continue developing all my games especially with the support of people.

Patreons / Sponsors feel free to email me your wishes/ideas

“COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 ” was designed by COSMOS of DolyGames in 2017 and finally published for everyone to enjoy on the 25th of November.
For COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 you can also have more fun (and support my work) by buying the SUPPLY PACK to benefit from a boost in resources.
I can build a custom of any of my games to give a funny gift to your kids, family or friends.
Like putting your kids into the game, writing custom messages like “Happy Birthday” or any fun ideas that you might have – lots of things are possible.
Tell me what your wishes are and I will let you know what is possible and how much your request will cost. Check out my dedicated site for  for more information or email me – page.

COSMOS’s Zombie Survivor v1.5 Game Screenshots

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