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Hue Twist.
Author iMakeStuff Release 2017-03-04 Version 1.0 Requirement iOS 9.0 + Hue Twist is a Philips Hue replacement for the original spinner from the classic game Twister™.
It will make the already super fun game even more immersive.

Hue Twist allows you to play the original game with the help of your Philips Hue lights

Spin the wheel and your playing room will flash through the colors while spinning.
When the wheel stops it will light up the room in the selected color by the wheel.

Hue Twist will then (optionally) pronounce the color and limb to place on that color

(eg; “Left hand on red!” ) which makes this app also usable without Philips Hue

Play, Twist, Lights, Colors, fun….
Hue Twist for Philips Hue.
Please Note!!.
The mat is still needed to play the game.
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