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2017 by How to Play Papa Pear Saga.

Need to know how to play Papa Pear Saga

This Papa Pear Saga gameplay starter guide will teach you all you need to know about playing the game.
Shoot the papa pears at the acorns to clear them and score points.
The more the papa pears bounce off the acorns, the more points you will get.
You can get up to three stars for each level.
The higher your score, the more stars you get.

Use Papa Pear Saga Boosters to score more points: Multiplier Pin

Double Pin.
Grande Pin.
Fire Pin.
Wake-Up Pin.
Light Up Pin.
Super Aim.

Each level of Papa Pear Saga has different goals

Reach a certain score or number of points.
Bring down the fruits.
In the fruit levels you must clear a path for the fruit to reach the buckets.
Light up the buckets.
In the light up the buckets levels a Papa Pear much reach one of each bucket in order to light it up.
Remove a certain number of acorns, carrots, etc.
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