FoodJam LiveBlog #2: This Ain’t No Ordinary Mac Salad

Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam.
by on September 29th, 2011 The Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam was Boston Game Jams event that took place on October 8th and 9th, 2011 at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab.
We had eighteen jammers, who broke out into five teams, all of whom designed and implemented a fully-playable game.
Our theme was “OCCUPY”.
The teams and their games.
Angry Tavern Keepers.
What are adventurers.
They are sociopathic hoboes that make their living through murder and theft.
They don’t make the best company, yet at the same time they are crucial to any tavern keeper’s purse.
Occupy their time with quests to get them out of your hair and have a good night’s sleep.
Bradley Momberger.
Ian Aguiar.
Chris Ramsley.
Tamlyn Miller.
Angry Tavern Keepers (rules, etc.).
Get the Scoop!.
Journalists compete to get the best news coverage of a protest.
Rik Eberhardt.
Jonathan Johnson.
David Ludwig.
Dale Miller.
Coming soon!.
In this game of global warming and arctic survival, several tribes struggle to survive on a melting iceberg.
Mitchell N Charity.
Alex Gurany.
Calvin Crane Nelson III.
Rules, etc.
Occupy Boston (Game Jams).
Build your protest group’s population from 100 to 1000 without being wiped out by hunger, indifference, or government pressure.
Jonathan Graham.
Naomi Hinchen.
Darren Torpey.
Tim Volpe.
Rules, etc.
Rolling Control.
A dexterity/drafting/category dice game, with a commerce theme.
Tim Stellmach.
Ed Su.
Jonathan Venezian.
Rules, diagrams, and cutouts (zipped).
Rik captured all the presentations on video.
Here they are: (here’s the link to the video in case the embedded video isn’t loading) Photos.
Here are some pictures from the event.

Courtesy of Michael Carriere (thanks


Fall 2011 Cardboard Jam photos (October

2011) Please contact [email protected] (Mike took the photos for Boston Indies) for any information regarding the pictures or their contents.
Food Jam.

Vickie Wu Torpey‘s food jam was a tasty success

as always.

She wrote on her blog about the items she made: FoodJam LiveBlog #1: Back to Paradise

FoodJam LiveBlog #2: This Ain’t No Ordinary Mac Salad.

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