Conan : Exiles Giveaway (closed)


Giveaway: Mount & Blade: Warband

Note: This giveaway has ended Here we go again

another giveaway.

This time we will be giving away a copy of Mount & Blade: Warband

Much like our previous giveaways (Conan: Exiles & Rust) the only thing you have to…

March 27, 2017.

Interview: SoulRipper from FearlessRP

Today I talked to ‘SoulRipper’, the owner of the 9-year-old Garry’s Mod roleplay community ‘Fearless’.
In 2008.

They revolutionized the semi-serious roleplay genre within the GMod community

and its timelessness is evident as the community is still thriving to this….
March 20, 2017.
1 Comment.

Interview: OwningProdsMC from Chaotic

We had a chat with Andrew “OwningProdMC”

he is the owner of the Minecraft community Chaotic Prison.
Throughout his time in the Minecraft community he made a profound impression which he was able to gain experience in business ranging from….
March 10, 2017.
Rust Giveaway.

NOTE: This giveaway has ended Time for another giveaway

This time we will be giving away 2 copies of Rust.
Much like our previous giveaway (Conan: Exiles) the only thing you have to do is answer simple a question to….
March 10, 2017.
Recap: February.
What a fun month it has been.
on the the 13th we (re) launched the website and have been working hard on delivering content.
We have seen a steady growth in new visitors and have gotten good feedback and suggestions,….
February 28, 2017.
Conan : Exiles Giveaway (closed).

We are giving away a copy of Conan: Exiles (redeemable on Steam)

All you have to do is write a comment on this page telling us why you want the game.
Congratulations Matt, You have won a copy of Conan:….
February 25, 2017.

Interview: Kingsman from Calradia Role Play

On the note of Link’s “Types of roleplay communities” we continue down the roleplay path and have a little chat with Kingsman.
He is the community owner of Calradia Role Play, a serious roleplay server running within the world of….
February 22, 2017.
Interview: Kizai from Ventmob & Revolt Gaming.
In this interview we will be chatting with KiZai (Adam) who is currently in his mid 20’s.
He was one of the co-founders (Super-Admin was the term they used) of both the successful Ventmob (VM) and Revolt Gaming (RV) communities….
February 13, 2017.
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