City-Building Starter Kit for Unity3D

City-Building Starter Kit for Unity3D.
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city-building game.
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About the City-Building Kit for Unity

A city 2d building games sandbox.
Learn how to make a unity game.
Have you ever wanted to make free-to-play mobile unity 3d games.
This casual city/village builder game kit is your starting point for creating an isometric mobile strategy game monetized with in-game currencies like gems, gold, or elixir.
Players can build their own community, harvest gold resources and train troops* Continue monetizing players throughout your building game’s lifecycle by introducing updates with rare buildings or characters, like Clash of Clans did.

It’s the perfect Unity Development Kit

Tweak settings, balance currencies, and add more content.
Future updates planned to convert this unity development kit into a social game engine.
Create your own type of city/village builder simulator with simple unity scripting and this asset.
You start with the minimum resources and an open map.

It’s east to make your first Unity 2D game with this template

The basics are pretty simple to grasp — collect resources, construct more buildings, grow your city.
It’s extremely rewarding for players.
Solid building tactics with customizable time delays to increase the player’s need to buy in-game currency, especially during the game’s beginning with this iOS game engine.
Resource Storage.

Gold Vault Example Buildings

Example 3D ISO Art Building Custom Characters.
Robot Chicken unit example Add your own.
Porcupiner unit example Complete City-Building Unity Kit.
Everything and more you need to build your own city-building mobile strategy game.

Build your own popular city-building game with Unity like SimCity

Build on top of the starter kit to create mix-genre games like Clash of Clans city-building and social fighting or Farmville social farming and production.
The world of social gaming is at your fingertips with this package.
Save months of work and jump into the mobile city-building social game scene today.
Checkout the features included: Mobile-Friendly.
Customize with XML.
Build More Features.
Unity and Unity Pro.
Social Coming Soon.
iPhone/iPod Highly Optimized for Mobile.
Tested on iPhone 5 and iPod.
See the screenshots below for gameplay examples from the iPhone.
It looks beautiful.
Other mobile devices like iPad and Android have not yet been tested and are not guaranteed to work out of box.
In-Game Currenies Sell gold, gems, liquid currency, and construction builders.
The starter kit supports 2 soft-currencies such as gold and liquid currency, plus 1 hard currency such as jewels.
Plus, sell additional construction workers to increase the number of on-going construction projects at any one time.
Customize items Easy code – Well organized.
Change values quickly with XML.
Add new buildings, remove units, and even increase construction times, XP values, soft and hard currency costs for individual buildings or characters.
Control settings easily with XML.
Add More Cornerstone tech for advanced games like Clash of Clans.
Add advanced features like social gaming, treasures, competitions, and achievements.
Use the starter kit as your base for creating your own advance game and save weeks of coding.

Unity/Unity Pro Works with Unity and Unity Pro

Start building your own city-building mobile game.

Works with both Unity and Unity Pro

In addition, this kit requires NGUI: Next-Gen UI Kit and 2D Toolkit.
Social Gaming Social gaming features coming soon.
Achivements, competitions, treasures, and advanced social game features are in the development roadmap.
Use any of these game screenshots.
Feel free to borrow any of these images with your blog post.
Beautiful touch interfaces Perfect for mobile games.
Create a Universe Customize and create as many buildings as you need.
Controls and settings Add your own under the settings menu.
Collect resources Build storage units to increase user storage.

Add buildings easily Let users spend more in-game currency

Beautiful design 2D isometric design used by popular games.
Customize Unit Settings with XML Add new characters or change prices and building times easily.
Resource Production Gold, liquid elixir, jewels.
Choose your own resource and customize production speed.
Amazing user content Let them create their own worlds.
Move and position all buildings With touch controls.
Create new units Build and deploy individual characters.
Paint a story Describe everything about buildings and characters.
Control construction time And sell more jewels and other in-game currencies.

Easy XML Editing Customize all the settings of buildings in well-documented XML

More coming soon Add in your own features like competitions and achievements.
Accelerate development Wizard, Dragons, and custom unit characters.
Come on, give us a try.
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