APS is here to make payroll and HR easier

Manage your fund accounting, special taxation issues, and reporting needs with a unified workforce management platform so you can focus on your mission.

APS has designed our platform to easily track and manage multiple employee types

time and labor, as well as reduce compliance risks all in the same intuitive system.
Managing the lifecycle of your employees shouldn’t be a time-consuming and manual process.
With APS, you have the power to handle everything from hire to retire, and all the compliance in between.
Viewing your nonprofit’s key metrics shouldn’t be next to impossible, so we built our reporting and analytics to take out the guesswork.
It’s time to stop spending your workday dealing with tasks like correcting timesheets, fixing payroll errors, and manual processes.
APS is here to make payroll and HR easier.


Decrease your nonprofit’s overhead with the elimination of traditional on-premise solutions.
Reduce your risk by working with our compliance experts who have a comprehensive understanding of nonprofit payroll taxes.
Streamline your time and labor management with our multiple time capture options for nonprofits, .

Such as mobile clock in using GPS

Managers and employees always have instant access to relevant payroll, core HR, and attendance information on any device.
Integrate your accounting, general ledger, .

And 403(b) applications with our API connections

Moving your nonprofit’s online payroll processing and core HR to APS means reducing the potential for errors and inaccurate data.
Utilize our built-in Affordable Care Act solution to manage compliance and reporting for your nonprofit organization.
Real-time analytics and dashboards provide visibility into your nonprofit organization’s data, such as labor costs and overtime.
Read more about how APS helps nonprofit organizations like yours solve their most complex business issues.


Our workforce management platform is specifically designed to help nonprofit managers with everything from our ACA compliance to nonprofit payroll taxes.
Our automated system works to keep you focused on your organization’s mission, .

Not your payroll and HR solution

Everyone in your nonprofit organization should have an enjoyable and personalized experience with our platform.
With a role-based configuration, each user can make the most of their workday.
When solutions are easy to use, your people actually use them.
We developed our technology to be delightfully intuitive for rehabilitation groups, social advocacy organizations, and other nonprofit foundations.
Our platform allows for quick adoption, so everyone can get things done from day one and move on to more important tasks.
APS Dashboards gets your nonprofit organization’s key data into a single view for more proactive management.
You get real-time information at your fingertips, which means better collaboration and decision making.
Nonprofits Overview.
Nonprofits Testimonials.
super easy and professional The customer service is great.
The setup was super easy and professional.
We switched payroll providers because our previous service messed up our taxes and it was a nightmare to get them fixed.
I’m confident that won’t happen with APS because their setup was so thorough and their team responds so quickly.
Haley Wightman.

Listeners Community Radio of Utah

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