and are backed by a warranty from African Energy

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African Energy 300w.
African Energy 300w Polycrystalline Solar Module – These modules are made to our specifications by a quality solar manufacturer, and are backed by a warranty from African Energy.
We decided to create this module line to ensure a steady supply for our customers when supply was difficult.  Customers have enjoyed them, so we continue to offer them.  One nice feature – dual packed carton boxes, meaning two modules to a box.  Easier to ship and handle in that way.   Paul Kollie, partner in West Coast Energy, rises above adversity to bring solar energy to Liberia.

Read his story African Energy has partnered with WECO to sell Lithium batteries

View available products Sebastian Smythe from Solar Energy Projects helps the largest cattle farm in Zimbabwe switch to an AC-coupled power system.  Brothers, Emmy and David, work to bring solar to Uganda.

Read more about their story and their team at Energy Systems Limited

Learn more about the success of Tawanda Tawengwa’s solar business in Zimbabwe

Read more  about how Solar Shack has grown to what it is today

We have posted a new story about our friends Joke and Dirkpieter Idzenga in Lusaka


This piece tells their story and why we often refer to them as the “Power Couple”

Click  to read more.
A Tanzanian company called RESCO has installed a mini-grid on a small island off the coast in the Indian Ocean.

The grid uses Suntech Solar Modules and Outback inverters and charge controllers

They have already reached over 30% of the island.

Read more “Babies in Nigeria had a problem

If they were born premature or developed respiratory problems such as pneumonia, they risked dying in the local hospital.” Read more about how Sola Odeku and his team designed and installed a system to help this hospital have the power it needed to save these babies.
Read more Mankat Dewa and his team designed and developed a better way to bring street lighting to Nigeria.

Through the use of “solar bunkers” built out of Deka gel batteries and Outback inverters

Glotek is giving light to Nigeria.
Read more about their project  Morningstar is making a great impact in the solar world with their Echo Pulse and EcoBoost charge controllers.
These will cover all your requirements below 40 amps all at an amazing low price.
Read more  Grundfos finally announced a solar powered pump inverter that will accept a PV open circuit range from 400v – 800vdc, is IP66 rated , and will power up to 37kW motors. These inverters are available today and we are ready to sell them to you.

Read more  Learn more about this “All-In-One”

an inverter/charger with a MPPT integrated.
This product is built by Imeon, .

About how it came about and how African Energy played a part

After moving to Sierra Leone, West Africa in 2010, John Campbell began using his degree in mechanical engineering to help design and create water filtration pumping systems.

Read more  about how John Campbell is changing the lives of those in rural communities

Outback Power is one of our great manufacturer’s and this company offers great quality products.
For more information click.
Blue Camel, a Nigerian solar company, tackles big projects.
They are powering “Off-Grid apartments” and full shopping centers.
Read more  This solar water pump can be installed as deep as 200 meters and it’s built-in electronic gear box  accepts both AC and DC power.
You can easily connect any type of module that you have or connect a battery or generator when the sun is not shining.
As long as there is 30vdc or 90vac, it will pump water.
Learn more about this pump.
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