ALIGNED Contributes to PNAS Paper

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ALIGNED Contributes to PNAS Paper.
Posted on by Members of the ALIGNED team contributed to an article which appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
Dr Pieter François, Dr Stephanie Grohmann, Dr Kevin Feeney, and Prof Arkadiusz Marciniak, all members of the ALIGNED team, were contributors to “Quantitative Historical Analysis Uncovers a Single Dimension of Complexity That Structures Global Variation in Human Social Organisation”, which was published in PNAS on December 21, 2017.
Prof Peter Turchin, a member of ALIGNED’s External Expert Advisory Board, also contributed to the article.
The article discusses how a selection of variables describing social complexity (such as population, levels of government, and infrastructure) can explain the development of complex societies.

The Seshat Global History Databank have written a blog post expanding on this

You can read the abstract here, and access the full text of the article here.
In addition, supporting information is available here.

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