after a very brief training session with (MacICT)

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Level Up.
is a project that involves embedding games elements into everyday classroom practice.
The project involves games based learning, gamification and games design.
The brochure and poster presented at the Microsoft Asia Pacific Partners in Learning conference are shown below.
Click to access the virtual classroom tour details from the Microsoft Partners in Learning website.
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For the past 5 months I’ve been coordinating a team of 10 students to design a mobile geolocation game for mobile devices.

The game is built on and is designed for Year 6 Orientation Day

The team of 10 students consisted of students in years 9, 10 and 11 (15 to 17 year olds) who were part of a student-led technology team.
The team was divided into students taking on different roles.
Two students were the main programmers in , three students were narrative writers for the game and five students were media collectors and collected images and photos for the game.
The narrative writers came up with the following as the main narrative that ran through the game: The students created the game from scratch, after a very brief training session with (MacICT).
The students met face to face for 50 minutes a week and a lot of work was done outside of this time.
Each student had a defined role in the team (programmer, narrative writer or media collector) and they had to constantly communicate with each other (face-to-face and on ) and complete their tasks according to a timeline, which was created by the students.
There were times when one team could not continue their work because another team has not uploaded their work.
In the beginning, I was the one that ensured students worked to the timeline, but overtime another student took on a leadership role and began coordinating the team.
In the end, I had almost no input in the game and the students did it all themselves.
It was fantastic.
And thanks to for lending us the iPhones and their support throughout the game design process.
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I’m leading a group of students on making a mobile game in Aris for this school tour activity.
The video below shows the potential of in geolocation activities: , , , Sign me up.
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