7 Books You should Read Right Now!

Creative Guys.

7 Books You should Read Right Now

Creative Guys.
7 Books You should Read Right Now!.
Creative Guys.
7 Books You should Read Right Now.

“Creative Block” – the most intimidating term in the world of creativity

If you are a creative person working long enough in the creative world to face it, you must know that it strikes in the most unexpected mannner.
When it happens, sitting down to actually do the work gets really challenging.  Many creative person have suggested many ways to overcome this.

Some say you need to wait to happen it

some say you should try everyday, Some asks to do something out of the box while a few other suggest to go through the work of other great people in your area and get the inspiration from them.
Whatever, there is no written down rules that you must follow to unleash your creative potential.
You should set your roadmap to battle creative blocks by your own.
In your journey to fight it, here”s a list of 7 books that might help you ignite your inner gineous: https://medium.com/product-hunt/these-7-books-are-necessary-reading-for-all-creatives-d2f48a8bfcf8.
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