2017 Last Emire – War Z zombie tutorial

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| November 4, 2017 Last Emire – War Z zombie tutorial.
Prepare for complete madness in this awesome zombie tutorial inspired by the mobile game Last Empire War Z!.
| January 30, .

2017 Unicorn special fx makeup tutorial

The rock’n’roll unicorn from the 1980s just dropped in to say hi.
In this episode we do a.
| January 25, 2017 The hills have patches makeup tutorial.
Do the hills have eyes or patches or just a nasty eye.
The answer is right here in.
| January 10, .

2017 Pop art zombie special fx makeup tutorial

Introducing the google eyed pop art zombie with a fantabulous hair.
In this episode we take on something.
In this episode we create the illusion of our face being hit with glass shards.
Glass fragments and.
| November 29, 2016 You Nailed It.
In this episode you’ll learn how to create a brutal but super light weight railway.
| September 23, .

2016 Stranger Things monster tutorial (open mouth)

In this episode we deep dive in to the world of television monsters and create the Netflix series Stranger.
| September 11, .

2016 Psycho clown makeup tutorial

Straight from the year of the clowns madness in the world comes this psycho clown.
2016 was the.
| September 3, .

2016 Eyes wide shut makeup tutorial

This is the the gory eyes wide shut masquerade look that will turn heads at any costume party.
| August 26, .

2016 WoW: Legion Sylvanas Windrunner Makeup Tutorial

In honor of World of Warcraft: Legion we bring you Sylvanas Windrunner

And with http://g2a.com/r/ellimacssfx we give you.

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