The GoDonut Is the Smartphone Stand You’ve Always Wanted

Smartphones are convenient to hold in your hands, but they’re a bit of a pain if you want to use them on a table or other flat surface. GoDonut has the solution with a flexible, portable, and affordable phone stand that we really liked on the show floor of CES 2020.
True to its name, the unit is a small circular ring with a hole in the middle. It’s made of a flexible material, so you don’t have to worry about warping or tearing the donut.

The GoDonut can hold your phone or tablet at three different angles. The smallest angle allows you to use your device as you would normally, totally hands-free. A slightly steeper angle is great for reading content like books or websites.
The final groove holds your phone straight up and down, which makes for a great passive item on your desk. Of course, the donut also supports holding your phone in landscape mode.
What makes the GoDonut so appealing is its universal compatibility. Aside from smartphones, the unit works with tablets and even Kindle devices. You may have to remove your phone’s case if it’s thick, but thin cases won’t impede its functionality.
No matter which orientation you use, the GoDonut securely holds your device. This lets you use it without worrying about your phone rocking all around. And because it’s so small, you can take it with you on a trip.

After giving it a try, we think the GoDonut is one of those products that you didn’t know you’d want until you try it. It’s so simple but quite effective, and anyone who uses their phone at a desk or table often will definitely get use from it.
If this sounds interesting to you, you can pick up a GoDonut now from Amazon or the official site. It’s available in several colors, with more planned for release soon. You can also opt for the GoDonut 360, which has a swivel base. This lets you spin your device around to view it from any angle.

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