The 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps (Formerly Samsung Gear)

Most people grew up enjoying stories about secret agents and their wide range of futuristic gadgets. Smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line (formerly known as Samsung Gear) bring us closer to making them a reality.
Powered by high-end hardware, Samsung’s Galaxy watches let you perform many tasks, such as calling a ride, right from your wrist. But you can do a lot more with your wearable.
Here are the best Galaxy Watch apps and faces that will make you feel like a secret agent. To install them, search for the app name on the Galaxy App Store store and hit Install.
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1. Camera One

Camera One is one of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It lets you control your phone’s camera from your smartwatch.
The app shows a live preview of what the camera sees and offers a range of controls. You can snap a picture, record videos, adjust the flash setting, zoom in or out, and set a timer.
On the smartwatch app, you have options for editing the image and video quality. Camera One functions through a separate companion app installed on your phone, after granting the necessary permissions.
Since Camera One has direct access to the camera, you don’t have to keep your default camera app active (or even have your phone screen turned on) for it to work. Thanks to this, you can utilize Camera One for surveillance by remotely operating your device’s camera.
2. Voice Memo

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Samsung’s Voice Memo app allows you to take audio notes on the fly. Since these smartwatches house a microphone, you can simply raise them to your mouth and secretly record your thoughts without ever picking up your phone.
In addition, Galaxy watches have some amount of internal storage. Thus, you can use Voice Memos even if the watch is not connected to your phone. The app will save the recordings locally and when you later reconnect it with your phone, it will transfer the files over.
3. Bixby

No undercover spy is complete without a reliable assistant. Your Galaxy Watch has one named Bixby.
For the uninitiated, Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant. You can ask it to message someone, show the weather, set a reminder, control a smart appliance, and much more. Bixby can also fetch your health stats and start workouts. The voice assistant always stays on the lookout for the wake command: “Hey, Bixby.”
Bixby requires an internet connection to answer your queries. So you must either connect your watch to Wi-Fi, or pair it with an online phone.
4. SmartThings
Your Galaxy smartwatch supports Samsung’s SmartThings smart home platform. Hence, if you own a SmartThings-compatible device like a washing machine or air conditioner, you can control it directly from your watch.
There’s no setup process either. Since both your appliances and watch are already linked to your Samsung account, all you need to do is install the SmartThings app.
5. Find My Car

As a secret agent, you have to park your high-tech vehicle in covert places to avoid having it spotted and taken by the enemy. Your Galaxy watch can remember those complex locations for you.
Samsung has a Find My Car app that logs your parking locations and guides you to them if you forget. It lets you record where you left your car, along with a voice memo and picture. The watch app shows you the exact position on a map and how far you are from your vehicle.
6. SpyFinger

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SpyFinger is a prank app for fooling your friends into believing the watch’s screen doubles as a fingerprint sensor.
Once you launch SpyFinger, it puts a giant, interactive fingerprint graphic on your watch. When someone presses their finger on the display, the app renders a scanning animation for a second and throws a “rejected” message every time.
The only way to produce an “accepted” animation is through a predefined trick. You have to first tap the screen three or more times and then scan your fingerprint. Amaze your friends with your high-tech spy gadgetry!
7. Yandex Translate

An adept spy has to converse in multiple tongues to gather intel from sources all across the globe. The Galaxy Watch can help out if you’re still learning, however.
An app titled Yandex Translate can translate a handful of languages like English, Turkish, and Russian on the watch. It allows you to speak a foreign phrase you’re not familiar with and view the translation on-screen.
8. Wrist Flashlight
Undercover agents often find themselves in a dark (possibly underground) spaces while unearthing secrets.
An app named Wrist Flashlight is just what you need in those scenarios. It lights up the screen to its maximum capacity with a white background. You have the option to adjust the brightness level and color, if needed.
Watch Faces
No discussion of the best Samsung Watch Apps would be complete without mentioning watch faces. These are another way you can feel like a secret agent when wearing a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.
You’ll find a range of options on the store that look like they’re right out of a spy movie.
9. Radar Watch Face

This watch face resembles an active radar keeping tabs on your foe’s movements. It features a vintage green dial and replaces traditional hour and minute hands with icons of a ship and airplane. The second hand is used to depict the radar’s signals and your relative position.
10. 2000 Satellite
A watch face called 2000 Satellite makes it seem like you are remotely steering an airplane. Its design is dominated by a plane’s outline, the borders of which you can configure as either white or red.
The jet’s head points to the minute and the hour is displayed inside a circle at its tip. Plus, the watch face has widgets for step count and battery level.
11. Luxurious Faces
Watches worn by most modern fictional agents like James Bond and Ethan Hunt look like regular, classy timepieces at first glance. Inside, however, they pack a vast gamut of high-tech abilities. Similarly, you can camouflage your smartwatch under a sophisticated watch face. Browse such designs by searching for keywords like “luxury” or “classy.”
For more options, check out some of the many watch faces that can transform your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.
Make the Most Out of Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch
These Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear apps will surely satisfy your younger self who always wanted to become a secret agent. Apart from this, you have many other ways to use your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to its full potential.
Check out our tricks and tips to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to go further with the device.
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