You Can Now Order Photo Prints From Flickr

Flickr now lets you order prints of photos directly from the site. The new feature is designed to take the pain out of ordering photo prints, allowing you to order photo prints in just a few clicks. And Flickr is offering a range of different prints.
How to Order Photo Prints From Flickr
As detailed in this post on the Flickr Blog, you can now order photo prints from Flickr. You can only order prints of your own photos, so there’s no option to browse your favorite photographers’ photo streams in the hope of finding a print for your bathroom.
To order photo prints from Flickr, first, log into your Flickr account. Then select Prints from the top navigation bar. From here, you can select the photo you want to print, and then choose the product style, size, and finish before adding it to the cart.

Big day today, launched the project my team has been working on for a long while now. #printBoldly #flickr
— cabbey (@cabbey) August 28, 2019

You can order metal prints, which use aluminum sheets to create photographic wall art, paper prints, which range from 6x4s to larger pieces for framing, and canvas prints, which offer a classic look and are guaranteed to make a statement.
Flickr is giving credit to SmugMug for developing this feature. As a reminder, SmugMug acquired Flickr in 2018. To ensure the Prints look their best, Flickr is partnering with photo labs including Bay Photo, Loxley Colour, and White House Custom Colour.
Other Websites That Sell Digital Prints
This is a fantastic new feature from Flickr, and it’s quite surprising it hasn’t offered the option to order prints of your own photos until now. The obvious next step is to let you order prints of other people’s photos and to let you sell your own prints to other people.
If you want to order prints online but don’t want to use Flickr, here are the best sites for printing digital photos. You should also be sure to read our article explaining how to get high quality prints online before placing your order.
Image Credit: Jocelyn Durston/Flickr
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