Telegram Adds a Slow Mode to Combat Spam

Telegram has added a slew of new features to the messaging app. The headline feature being a Slow Mode designed to combat spammers and help keep group chats more orderly. There’s also the option to send silent messages and add custom titles for admins.
Telegram Competes With Messenger and WhatsApp
While Telegram cannot compete with the number of users boasted by Messenger and WhatsApp, it’s an increasingly popular choice for hundreds of millions of people. Especially as the aforementioned messaging apps are both owned and operated by Facebook.
As Telegram is the underdog looking to compete with the big boys, it’s introducing new features all of the time. And Telegram 5.10 is no exception. And these new features are on top of these useful Telegram bots able to wean you off WhatsApp.
How to Use Telegram’s Slow Mode and Silent Messages
Slow Mode is a new option which limits how quickly people in a group chat can send messages. Once a group admin enables Slow Mode, members will have to wait a certain amount of time between sending messages. This ranges from 30 seconds to one hour.
Group admins can keep Slow Mode enabled permanently, or switch it on at certain times. Slow Mode can be enabled and disabled in Group Permissions. Once enabled, members will see a countdown timer informing them how long they have to wait.

Introducing Silent Messages and Slow Mode to bring a little peace and quiet when you need it. Also in this update: custom admin titles, timestamp links for videos, animated emoji, a comments widget for websites, and more:
— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) August 9, 2019

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Next up are silent messages, which allow you to send a message to someone silently, even if they haven’t enabled Do Not Disturb mode. All you need to do is press and hold the Send button until you see the option to “Send without sound”.
Telegram 5.10 also introduces custom titles for admins, thumbnail previews and linked timestamps for videos, and animated emojis. You can learn more about these features, as well as Android- and iOS-specific features on the Telegram Blog.
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