Google Maps Makes It Easier to Use Public Transit

Google Maps is making it easier than ever to plan a route from A to B, whether you’re lost in the wilderness or a commuter looking for a quicker way to get to work. And it’s all thanks to now being able to combine different forms of transport together.
Using Google Maps to Get From A to B
We suspect that everyone reading this will, at some point, have used Google Maps to plan their route. Whether you were completely lost and needed to find your way back to civilization or knew where you were and where you wanted to go, but not the best route.
Either way, Google Maps makes things very easy. Just type in your preferred destination and let Google Maps do the rest. However, until now you’ve had to choose just one form of transport at a time, whether that’s walking, driving, or public transit.
How to Use Google Maps’ Mixed Modes Routes
Now, as explained in a post on The Keyword, Google Maps can combine multiple forms of transport together to get you from A to B. And the forms of transport that can be combined include walking, cycling, buses, trains, trams, and ridesharing.
All you need to do is search for your destination in Google Maps, click Directions, and then click the Transit tab. Under the Recommended Route you’ll see various Mixed Modes routes which employ a variety of different modes of transport to get you there.

From a bike to the subway to a rideshare, there’s no one way to get around town. (Sometimes, it takes all three.) Now Google Maps is making it easier to navigate each part of your trip ?
— Google (@Google) August 27, 2019

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As well as the standard forms of transport you’ll see cycling and ridesharing legs included. The routes involving cycling and ridesharing will include helpful information such as the cost, the wait time, and your ETA. Helping you plan for every eventuality.
These Mixed Modes routes are rolling out now to Google Maps on Android and iOS in 30 countries around the world. Google then hopes to roll the option out to more countries over time, and include more local ridesharing options besides Uber and Lyft.
Download: Google Maps on Android | iOS
Take Public Transit to Help Fight Climate Change
Adding the option to combine more modes of transport together in one route should make it even easier to get from A to B. After all, most excursions involve hopping on and off (or in and out of) more than one vehicle. Unless you drive everywhere.
With environmental concerns so high on the news agenda, more people should be choosing public transit. And anything technology can do to assist should be applauded. With that in mind, here are some climate change tools to help you fight global warming.
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