The Rugged Titan Smartphone Has a Physical QWERTY Keyboard

Who says smartphones with physical keyboards have had their moment in the sun? Sure, most people use full touchscreen phones at this point, but there’s something to be said for the feeling of physical buttons when it comes to typing long messages on a phone.
Unihertz, the folks behind the upcoming smartphone Titan realized this, and they’re attempting to bring a new phone to the market that features a full QWERTY keyboard and a rugged design that can take a beating.
Titan Smartphone Features
The main selling points of the Titan phone are the keyboard and the durability. The physical keyboard on the phone features a full QWERTY layout, which should make typing on it a breeze.
As for the durability, Titan is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, so it’ll handle all of the stuff you can throw at it. The screen is made with Gorilla glass, so it should be able to take some falls without smashing to pieces.
Outside of those key selling points, the phone has a 6000mAh battery, which the creators say will be enough for 25 hours of continuous internet usage, 42 hours of talk, and 25 hours of video playback. Basically, it’s a big battery that’s designed to last a long time.

As far as the specs of the phone, they’re pretty modest but respectable for the price. There’s a 4.5-inch touchscreen with a 1400X1400 resolution. It comes with Android 9.0 installed as well. The phone comes with an 8MP selfie camera on the front and a 16MP camera on the back for taking solid photos. It has 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. All of that is powered by an Octa-core 2GHz processor.
Some other notable features include:

Wireless charging
Walkie-talkie feature (think the old Nextel phones)
Global LTE support
Fingerprint scanner
Face unlock
Bluetooth 4.1

Titan Pricing and Availability
Unihertz is seeking funding for its new smartphone on Kickstarter. It has massively exceeded its funding goal already, showing that there is indeed a market for a phone with a physical keyboard.
If you’re interested in preordering one for yourselves, you can do so right now for a rather reasonable price of $259. The company plans to ship devices to backers in December of this year.
As with all Kickstarters, there are risks involved in backing a project and that’s true for this one too. However, Unihertz has successfully launched two smartphones via Kickstarter previously, so at the team has a proven track record.
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