The Award-Winning FIDO Smart Lock Has 4 Secure Entry Methods

Smart locks are one of the cooler pieces of smart home tech out there. But with one, you’re entrusting access to your home to a device that’s connected to the internet.
A new smart lock called FIDO offers the same connected features as many other devices on the market, but it does it with four different unlock methods and an extra layer of security. It offers a very minimal design that doesn’t look like a smart lock at all.
FIDO Smart Lock Features
The main thing that makes FIDO cool is the fact that it can be unlocked in four different ways, which makes it easier to use than a lot of other locks on the market. You can open the door with a smartphone app, your fingerprint, Bluetooth, or an inducted access card.
Of course, FIDO also offers remote locking and unlocking through its mobile app. You can also grant other people access to your lock temporarily. If you have other people living in your home, you can see who has entered the home at any time with the app, which makes it easy to find out when your kids have come home from school, or whether your roommate is currently home.

As far as security, FIDO employs 128-bit encryption. The team promises that it’s impossible to break and hack by mere brute force and checking all possible key combinations.
Here are some other cool features of FIDO:

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Automatic locking
365-day battery life on two AAA batteries
Forced entry alarm
Works with any US door
Support for Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant
Waterproof for outdoor use

FIDO Smart Lock Price and Availablity
UJIA Smart Lock, the company behind FIDO, is seeking funding for its smart lock on Indigogo. It has far exceeded its funding goal, so assuming everything goes according to plan, the device should be delivered to backers by its September delivery date.
In terms of price, the lock is actually quite reasonable at $129 (though it’ll be more once the device hits retail).
The lock actually won a Red Dot Design Award, which definitely makes it worth a look. However, even with that, it’s important to keep in mind that there are risks involved with backing a crowdfunding project, and nothing is guaranteed when you put down your money on one.
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