Canon Reveals IVY CLIQ+ and CLIQ Instant-Print Cameras

Canon has just unveiled two new instant digital cameras, the CLIQ and CLIQ+, which goes along with the trend of instant-print digital cameras making a comeback.
The company’s take on instant cameras seems quite cool, and both models have some solid features that make them stand out in the crowded instant camera space. They also come in with very reasonable price tags, making them accessible for anyone.
The two cameras are Canon’s followup to the IVY printer, which had similar printing features but lacked the ability to take photos directly on the device.
Canon IVY CLIQ and CLIQ+ Features
Both cameras feature relatively low resolutions in terms of megapixels, which makes sense, as they’re targeted at buyers looking for quick prints, not high-resolution digital photos. The CLIQ features a five-megapixel lens, while the more expensive CLIQ+ comes with an eight-megapixel camera.
Using the Ivy application, photographers can add borders, filters, and text to their images before they print them. However, only the CLIQ+ has support for Bluetooth, so you’ll need to get the more expensive camera if you want to take advantage of this feature.

Another characteristic of the CLIQ+ is a selfie mirror with LED lights that’ll help create the best selfie photos possible. The cheaper CLIQ also features a selfie mirror, but it lacks the built-in LED lights.
Both cameras are able to print either 2×2 or 2×3 photos using ZINK Zero Ink Technology. With this type of printer, the ink is actually in the paper, meaning there’s no need to install and change ink cartridges on the camera/printer.
An important thing to note is that neither camera features a screen for reviewing images, so with the CLIQ, you’ll be printing them blindly unless you use the SD card to transfer them to a PC before printing.
Canon IVY Devices Price and Release Date
Canon intends to release both cameras sometime in April of this year. The company says the suggested retail price of the CLIQ will be $99.99, and the CLIQ+ will sell for $159.99. Both models include 10 sheets of 2×3 photo paper to get you started.
Of course, an instant camera isn’t for everyone, which is why you should check out our article on why you should go with a mirrorless camera over a DSLR.
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