Investigation into Mercs213 (Goodolddownloads)

I saw Mercs put his site down, still dont know reason, as I said, from the beginning, I wanted to solve all this in peace. If you are interested, you can search on Lume, our web site and other big websites receives a series of fake reports. It’s not just now, it’s from early November, we know what happened, but we keep things in silence. We have our own rules, we will never use the dirty ways to compete, that is why we have existed for so many years … Ok, I will not continue to talk about this issue anymore, I will remove this article soon if everything is stable.
Also, I do not force you to use only the IGG website, you have many options such as skidrow-games, skidrowreloaded, cracked-games, oceanofgames, ovagames, crohasit, … They’re friend, trust me, they are good site, I even used one of them before I founded this site. You shouldn’t trust 100% on what you read on the internet, people who use their brains more, always have more choices
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Use This Trick to Post to Instagram With Chrome
Thursday November 14, 2019

While you can browse Instagram on your desktop or laptop, the website doesn’t offer a way to upload photos to Instagram. Because Instagram...

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