The Xbox One Gets Keyboard and Mouse Support

The Xbox One is finally adding keyboard and mouse support for gamers who prefer to play that way. This is happening more than two years since Microsoft first suggested keyboard and mouse support was on its way. So, this is definitely a case of better late than never.
Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support
Microsoft officially announced it was adding Xbox One keyboard and mouse support in September. Since then, selected gamers have been testing it out. And now, as part of XO18, Microsoft has detailed which games are getting mouse and keyboard support.

ICYMI, Larry and Jeff just dropped a ton of mouse & keyboard news during the #X018 episode of Inside Xbox. Here is a quick recap:
1. 14 additional games confirmed to support mouse and keyboard input – including Fortnite – some starting as soon as next week.
— James Shields (@shieldsjames) November 10, 2018

Fortnite and Warframe are the first two Xbox One games to support keyboard and mouse, and both should receive updates on November 14. These are both free-to-play shooters, with Fortnite being the game that all kids love and most parents don’t quite understand.
Bomber Crew, Strange Brigade, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, War Thunder, X-Morph: Defense, and Deep Rock Galactic will add support in November. And Children of Morta, Vigor, Warface, Wargroove, DayZ, Minion Masters, and Moonlighter will follow in the future.
With mouse and keyboard support having arrived on the Xbox One, Microsoft is hoping to take advantage of the situation. The company has partnered with Razer to develop an official line of Xbox keyboards and mice. The first of which will be unveiled at CES 2019.
Keyboard and Mouse Support for More Games
PC gamers who switch to consoles often have trouble adapting to a controller. So, given the crossover between PC and Xbox One games, this makes perfect sense for Microsoft. Now it’s up to developers to implement mouse and keyboard support into more games.
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