9 Great Sites Where You Can Explore the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificially intelligence is now making its way into every aspect of your digital lives. While most companies cannot stop talking about what they’ve done in the field, there are a host of cutting-edge AI-powered websites that are useful for everyday tasks today.
Here are several awesome and insightful artificial intelligence sites you probably don’t know about.
1. PixelDrive: Compress Your Photos

PixelDrive is a cloud storage platform which employs a set of machine learning algorithms to significantly compress your pictures without compromising many details. Its developers say that only about 10% of quality is lost. And we did find that to be true. For instance, a 4MB file I uploaded was brought down to 500KB and the quality seemed pretty much identical.
What’s more, since the engine is constantly learning to know which pixels are important and which can be eliminated, that number will only get less as more users sign up. PixelDrive is free for up to 1GB of data and for more, you will have to pay.
2. Rave: Be a DJ at Your Next Party

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Artificial Intelligence has come to a point where it’s being considered a threat to several jobs and professions. And a new tool called Rave tries to replicate the job of a DJ.
Rave lets you mash multiple soundtracks into one mix with an automated AI-powered DJ. All you need to do is simply supply the YouTube or Spotify links and Rave will conjure up a remix in a matter of minutes. Surprisingly, more often than not, Rave’s claims do prove accurate and the outcomes it yields turn out coherent and enjoyable.
Rave is also entirely free of cost but you probably shouldn’t redistribute what it produces due to the absence of copyrights.
3. Iris AI: Find a Solution in a Research Paper

If you’re still a student or a researcher, you know how painful it can be to locate similar papers online. Well, not anymore as AI comes to the rescue again.
Iris AI is a free service you can log into for surfacing related research papers based on their topics. You can begin by feeding in a title, existing link, or even a TED Talk YouTube URL. Iris AI will then comb through all the available resources and present you with a nifty interface you can quickly go through to find a specific document.
4. EveryPixel: Search for the Best Stock Photos

EveryPixel is a smart search engine for stock images which relies on a neural network to find the best ones available based on your search query. It does so by evaluating all of them through a beauty score and prioritizing the pictures which have the highest among all.
In addition, EveryPixel also cleverly breaks down your search terms to pull up the most relevant results. You can also filter them through a bunch of factors. Plus, there’s also an option to specify whether you’d like some free space on the stock image for any further edits or additions.
5. Delay Predictor: Avoid Flight Delays With AI

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Delay Predictor is a handy tool for travelers that can predict flight delays for up to three days in advance to your trip. It takes your essential information such as the flight number, dates, and sifts out the delay period if there will be any.
The tool functions by analyzing previous the flight’s history, and other circumstantial factors such as the weather. Unfortunately, though, Delay Predictor, for now, is limited to the United States.
6. Beautiful.AI: Impress With Beautiful Presentations

Beautiful.AI is the new-age presentation builder we all deserve. The app uses AI to help you through all the stages of creating a presentation. It begins with finding the appropriate template and you can nudge it by simply typing what is your presentation all about.
Next, you can employ a series of automated tools to add anything you want including pie charts, team members, demographics, and more. The AI engine can also adapt to the changes you make on its own and recommends new elements accordingly.
Beautiful.AI has a free plan that comes with 50+ smart templates and customizable themes.
7. Trint: Your Automated Transcription Service

Trint is a digital transcriber that comes with the ability to process recordings (video or audio). You get editable as well as searchable transcriptions. In addition to that, Trint also offers a host of editing tools which can prove useful if you’re editing interviews such as highlights or assigning the speaker to particular sentences.
When done, you can export these into a variety of formats as well including XML, Microsoft Word, HTML, and more. If you are into transcription, consider signing up.
Trent does not have a free option in its pricing plans but does offer a free trial.
8. CaptionBot: Let a Robot Caption Your Photos

CaptionBot is a fun, little app that is powered by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. CaptionBot illustrates how digital bots process images by generating a caption for any file or URL you upload. It only takes a few seconds for CaptionBot to come up with an outcome and it’s usually quite on point.
Of course, this can’t be used to figure out captions for Instagram posts but it’s certainly a nice, educational experiment.
9. Quick Draw: Google Helps You Draw

Another experiment you should take a look at is Quick Draw which is one of the popular Google AI Experiments. Its neural network tries to predict what are you trying to doodle as you draw it with a mouse or on a touchscreen. The game is built with machine learning (which is different from AI). Quick Draw learns as you play with it and you can notice that behavior if you try it a few times.
Artificial Intelligence Is Here
Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword. There are dangers and there are benefits, like how AI is fighting cybercrime today. You can be worried and also question if A.I and machine learning’s effect on humanity.
To have a more in-depth understanding of the subject here’s why scientists think you should be worried about Artificial Intelligence.
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