How to Play Google’s Secret Text Adventure Game

Google is well known for hiding Easter eggs in its products, and the company always excels itself on April Fools’ Day. It turns out there’s a full text adventure game lurking within the Google Search developer console… if you know how to find it.
Play Google’s Hidden Text Adventure Game
To play Google’s secret text adventure, you just need to know where to look. Which is, unsurprisingly, Google Search. This works on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, although it looks a bit wonky on Edge because it’s Edge.
Go to, and search for “text adventure”. Then open the developer console by right-clicking on the page and selecting Inspect. You can also use Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows, and Cmd + Option + I on macOS. Either way, the result should be the same.

Click Console, and you should see a prompt asking, “Would you like to play a game?” Type “Yes”, and Google’s hidden text adventure game will reveal itself. You’ll see the opening lines, a set of possible commands, and the possible exits.
For those of you who have never played a text adventure before, the premise is simple. You read the scene, and then type a command to move the story forwards. Which in this case is you as the big blue G of Google searching for your friends.
Take a Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane
Google’s secret text adventure (discovered on Reddit) is a fantastic diversion that should keep you busy for an hour. And for anyone over a certain age it’s also a nostalgic trip into the past when playing a text adventure was considered entertainment.
This text adventure game is far from the only gem hidden within Google products. There are these Google Easter eggs you might have missed. And for the gamers amongst you there are a handful of awesome games to play on Google Search.
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