How to Grab Someone’s Attention by Sending Full Screen Messages

Ever needed to send a message to someone online and really wanted to get your point across? They might ignore a simple direct message on Slack, and an email might sit in their inbox for days. You need another way.
If you’re looking for an alternative to get someone’s attention, why not try a full screen message? Through a simple service called BigAssMessage, you can easily make this a reality. Let’s take a look at it.
Introducing BigAssMessage
To create a big message on someone’s screen, head to Here you’ll find a simple interface that allows you to enter a message and pick from one of four styles. From there, you can preview the message and save it.

The possibilities on what message to send are endless. You might want to remind a coworker about something you’re waiting on them for. Perhaps you want to leave a big funny message on your screen for anyone who walks by. Or maybe you just want to joke around with friends and put something stupid. Your imagination is the only limit.
After entering your message, you’ll need to pick a style to display it in. You have four choices here.
Pick a BigAssMessage Style
First is Standard. This is a basic message with black text on a white background. It’s no-nonsense if you’re not looking for something flashy.

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Next is the Magic style. Choosing this gets you a message with a rapidly flashing background. It will certainly catch someone’s eye, but it’s probably best to avoid this unless you know the person well, due to epilepsy concerns. The flashing lights could be harmful to someone.

Getting away from that craziness, the third style is called Heart. Despite the name, no hearts appear in the theme. The font looks like something from a typewriter, so it’s more of a vintage look. Use it when you want the feel of an official memo.

Finally, the last available style is titled Yeezy. If you’re not aware, yeezy is a slang term referring to the rapper Kanye West. As West has his own line of shoes with Adidas, this style features an Adidas logo at the bottom. The font also matches that used in marketing for the shoes.
We’re not sure why this of all possible themes was used, but regardless, it’s one of your four options.

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In the past, the site offered other styles, such as Pepsi and Jeopardy. Pepsi replaced all “O” characters with the Pepsi logo and used a font similar to the company’s advertising for some time. Jeopardy, unsurprisingly, styled the message in the form of a clue from the classic game show.
Share Your BigAssMessage
To see how your message will work, just enter it and pick a style, then click Preview. When satisfied, click again to return to the main screen. Once you click Save, a URL will appear in the bottom bar. Click this to copy it, then you can send it to people or display it on your own computer.
It’s a perfect way to share passive-aggressive messages without much work. Leave one out for a roommate to discover after they upset you, or send them to a coworker to surprise them. Have fun with!
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