8 Companies Everyone Should Follow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perfect for job searching and networking, with job postings, video tutorials, hiring trends, and professional connections all on offer.
You probably already follow friends and individual influencers for their insights. However, you can also follow companies on LinkedIn too.
Here are the companies everyone should follow on LinkedIn. They offer information, insights, and interesting content everyone can make use of.
1. Indeed

First on our list—and one of the most useful companies that you can follow on LinkedIn—is Indeed. The fact that Indeed is one of the best companies to follow on LinkedIn is kind of ironic when you consider that they’re a rival job hunting website.
Despite this overlap, Indeed has a sizeable presence on LinkedIn. Along with advertising job postings and talking about what it’s like to work at the company, Indeed posts #MondayMotivation quotes, job hunting tips, and links to articles on job searching resources and trends. Its ultimate goal is to help you narrow down your options in a crowded employment field to help you find your dream job.
If you’re looking to read two job hunting websites in one place, Indeed is worth a follow. You can also read up on the best way to search for a job using Indeed, too.
2. Ted Talks Daily

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Ted Talks is another useful, highly active company that you should follow on LinkedIn.
Just like Indeed, Ted Talks is big on motivating you with positive information and updates about your industry. If you log into LinkedIn on a daily (or weekly) basis, the company’s updates make for a great “morning digest” that you can read during your downtime.
In general, “Ted Talks” are short, informative speeches on innovations and insights into the tech, design, education, and science fields. On LinkedIn, the company posts articles related to these fields, as well as links to its Ted Talks videos.
3. Forbes

Forbes is an online magazine that is known as a very useful and authoritative source for anyone interested in corporate innovation and financial news. It also has a very active presence on LinkedIn, and posts on the company page regularly.
Along with new job postings, Forbes publicizes links to #ForbesFlash, its video series explaining recent financial and business-related trends. It also advertises articles that explore the different social situations that you might run into in the workplace, and how to navigate them.
Forbes is a great company to follow on LinkedIn if you’re a busy, money-oriented professional.
4. Google

Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. It havs a very active LinkedIn page that is totally worth the follow if you use any sort of Google products—which is pretty much everyone.
While Google talks quite frequently about what it’s like to work at the company, and posts interviews with its staff, it also posts links to its blog, where it goes into detail about new products that will be coming to the market. Google also talks about updates regarding previously released devices and online tools.
5. Adobe

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Another really useful company that you should follow on LinkedIn is Adobe, especially if your job is related to design.
A lot of us are already familiar with Adobe products. Over the past couple decades, the company has become ubiquitous within employment fields like graphic design and illustration. Its industry-standard, highly popular Creative Suite is a must-have for any professional.
Along with interviews from its employees, the company also posts articles exploring the intersection between tech and design. Additionally, it posts links to blog posts that detail the practical ways that you can use Adobe products in the workplace.
6. Microsoft

While we’re on the subject of technology, another useful company to follow on LinkedIn is Microsoft. This is especially true if you use Microsoft products—which, like Google, applies to pretty much all of us.
Unique to the other entries on this list, Microsoft will post information about upcoming events and tutorials, along with links to in-house articles about its products. Additionally, Microsoft posts interviews with its staff, and blogs about Microsoft products being used in the workplace.
Like Adobe’s posts, these examples of real-life product applications can be useful when applied to your own place of employment. They’ll help you make improvements in the office.
7. MakeUseOf

Next on our list of the most useful companies to follow on LinkedIn is MakeUseOf. We know, it seems self-congratulatory to say, but “useful” is in our name, and you’re already familiar with our content.
As a company we’re active on LinkedIn, where we post links to our latest articles. The content in these articles ranges from tutorials to tech trends. If you already use LinkedIn on a frequent basis, your social media news feed is a great way to keep up to date on what we’re talking about in an aggregated format.
8. LinkedIn

Lastly, we recommend you follow LinkedIn itself.
No one one knows this social media site better than the group that created it, which gives LinkedIn a hometown advantage. The company frequently posts job hunting tips and tricks. It also posts articles about the ever-changing landscape of job hunting, information on professional networking, and links to tutorials that have been posted on the website.
Additionally, the company posts tips on how to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential. Seriously, LinkedIn’s LinkedIn page is a really worthwhile resource.
Use LinkedIn to Gain New Insights
LinkedIn is a great social media site with a very specific purpose that has helped a lot of people. It will continue to do so as the company improves its job hunting tools and its ability to connect you with a wider professional network.
It’s best to think of LinkedIn as a highly specialized tool for job hunting, rather than just a social media site. If you know all of the ins and outs, you can put the platform to good use without getting overwhelmed by all the information on it.
Are you looking for other ways that you can maximize your LinkedIn usage, even if you’re happily employed? Here are reasons to use LinkedIn beyond searching for jobs.
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