You Can Soon Watch YouTube Originals for Free

YouTube is making its YouTube Originals free-to-watch. While some existing content will remain exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers, new shows and movies released after September 2019 will be available for everyone to watch for free.
What Are YouTube Originals?
As the name suggests, YouTube Originals are original movies and shows produced by YouTube. YouTube began producing original programming as a way of enticing viewers into subscribing to YouTube Red. Which has since been rebranded as YouTube Premium.
There are some YouTube Originals worth watching, but most YouTube Originals aren’t up to the standard of the original programming produced by Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Which is probably why YouTube is now switching its Originals to an ad-supported model.
YouTube Originals Are Free-to-Watch
In September 2019, anyone and everyone will be able to watch YouTube Originals for free. According to an email sent out to existing YouTube Premium subscribers, this will apply to all YouTube Originals released after September 24, 2019.

So, YouTube Originals are going to be available to non-premium viewers soon, but with ads. YouTube Premium looks increasingly bad value, compared to Netflix.
— Zen Zero (@V3n0m777) August 17, 2019

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From that date on, non-members will be able to watch YouTube Originals for free by sitting through the occasional advert. However, according to this YouTube Help page, this will only apply to new content, and not seasons of shows already released.
YouTube Premium subscribers will also benefit from ad-free viewing, access to all episodes in a season straight away, the ability to download episodes to watch offline, and exclusive access to bonus content. Which YouTube hopes will be enough of a draw.
Is YouTube Premium Good Value for Money?
This is great news for people who don’t currently subscribe to YouTube Premium. Because if you have heard of some YouTube Originals and wished you could watch them you’ll soon be able to do so without stumping up the $11.99/month asking price.
We have previously asked, is YouTube Premium worth the money? And access to YouTube Originals was one of the benefits listed. With YouTube Originals now accessible to anyone and everyone, this surely makes YouTube Premium less appealing.
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