Google “Wimbledon” to Play a Hidden Tennis Game

Google loves hiding Easter eggs in its products, and it has been doing it for years. Some Google Easter eggs are permanent, while others pop up temporarily to commemorate a special event. Either way, Google’s Easter eggs certainly keep things interesting.
On April Fools’ Day 2019, Google let you play Snake in Google Maps. Then, later that same month, Google hid an Avengers Endgame Easter egg in Google Search. Now, Google has hidden another Easter egg in Search, and this one is liable to kill your productivity.
How to Play Google’s Hidden Tennis Game
Google’s latest Easter egg is in honor of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships currently taking place in London, England. Fittingly, it’s a free (and very simple to play) tennis game hidden in Google’s search results related to Wimbledon.
To play Google’s hidden tennis game, just search for “Wimbledon,” “Wimbledon Scores,” or something similar. All you need to do is trigger Google’s information box containing the results. Once that appears, scroll all the way right until you see the tennis ball.

There’s a hidden mini-game in the Wimbledon search results on Google.
Works on mobile and desktop. ?
— Ard Boudeling (@ArdCB) July 12, 2019

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Click the tennis ball to the right of “Mixed Doubles” and the results will disappear. In their place you’ll see a patch of grass with an 8-bit animal standing on it. Click the “Play” button and you’ll reveal a grass tennis court and an opponent.
Pressing any button (or your screen if you’re on mobile) will start the game. The controls are very simple: just move your player left or right to hit the ball back. This is basically Pong, but played vertically. All you need to do is keep hitting the ball back to score points.
Play Google’s Tennis Game While You Can
The Wimbledon finals are being played this weekend (July 13-14), so it’s possible that Google’s hidden tennis game might not be around for long. We’re hoping, however, that Google gives the game its own URL (as it has with Pac-Man) so it can live on.
Google’s hidden tennis game isn’t going to win any awards for its visuals. However, it’s free, easy to play, and rather addictive. So it’s worth playing when you’re bored. Just like these other addictive mobile games you can play for 5 minutes at a time.
Image Credit: Ryan Hurril/Flickr
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