This New Google App Helps Kids Learn How to Read

Google has launched a new app designed to help kids learn to read. Called Rivet, the free reading app contains more than 2,000 books suitable for all ages, definitions and translations for words, and gamification elements designed to encourage children to learn.
The Importance of Learning How to Read
Learning to read is an absolute must for anyone looking to get on in life. And the earlier kids learn to read the better. The problem is not all kids take to reading, especially if they don’t dedicate at least some time to practising their reading skills.
Citing the fact that “64 percent of fourth grade students in the United States perform below the proficient level in reading,” Google has launched Rivet. This is Google’s attempt to improve those statistics by giving children a fun, free way to learn how to read.
How Rivet Helps Kids Learn How to Read
Rivet is a free reading app from Area 120, Google’s experimental workshop. It boasts 2,000+ free books suitable for children, covering a range of ages, categories, and difficulty levels. The idea being that there will be something of interest to everyone.
Kids can either read a book by themselves or have the app read to them and follow along. Either way, if they encounter a word they don’t recognize they can tap on it to ask for help. They will then see a definition for the word and be able to practice saying it aloud.

The app will also offer kids feedback on their reading, allowing them to practice without needing to ask their parents for help. The app can also translate words into any of 25 different languages. This is all made possible thanks to advanced speech technology.
Last but not least, Rivet offers motivation and encouragement via gamification. Kids will earn points and badges for practising their reading, turning the scholarly pursuit of learning how to read into a game. There are also mini-games buried within the app itself.
We Should All Endeavor to Read More
Rivet has been in beta since 2018, but is finally ready for a wider rollout. Rivet is now available for free on Android and iOS in 11 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
Download: Rivet: Better Reading Practice on Android | iOS
While Rivet is all about helping kids learn how to read at a young age, we should all endeavor to read more even as adults. So if you’re a parent reading about this new Google app and feeling a little left out, here’s how to read 50+ books this year.
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