Adobe Now Offers In-App Lightroom Tutorials

Adobe has added interactive tutorials to the Lightroom app. These tutorials live in the app itself, and let you follow along with the instructions. Which should be a boon to anyone who wants to learn how to edit photos (more effectively) using Adobe Lightroom.
How to Use Adobe’s Lightroom Tutorials
Adobe has updated Lightroom, adding several new features. These include new ways to collaborate, new editing options including a Texture slider, the option to copy and paste settings to multiple images, and a Flat-Field Correction tool.
However, the headline feature are the new in-app tutorials. These come in two flavors: Interactive Tutorials and Inspirational Photos. You can access both via the new “Home” section, with Adobe adding more in the future.
Interactive Tutorials are tutorials where you follow along with the instructions. You’ll have access to the photo featured in the tutorial, and will be taught how to edit it step-by-step. You actually adjust the sliders as you go to enact the required edits.

Remember that special announcement we told you about? Here it is… Introducing brand new, in-app #tutorials created by some of your favorite photographers! Learn all about this Lightroom update and *many* more here:
— Adobe Lightroom (@Lightroom) May 14, 2019

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Inspirational Photos aren’t as in-depth as the interactive tutorials, but should prove useful nonetheless. All you do is tap on a “Discover” post to view the edits on a photo. And you can scroll through the edits to see exactly what difference each one made.
The new tutorials are initially only available in Lightroom for Android and iOS, and listed as coming soon to Windows and Mac. You can see an overview of everything Adobe has added to Lightroom in May 2019 in this post on the Adobe Blog.
Download: Adobe Lightroom for Android | iOS
Learn How to Edit Photos Using Lightroom
If you’re reading MakeUseOf there’s a good chance you want to learn how to use technology better. Because that’s what we do, whether via details tutorials or lists of things worth checking out. Which is why Adobe’s Lightroom tutorials should interest you.
However, if you find Adobe’s tutorials lacking, we offer our own Lightroom tutorials. You should start with these essential Lightroom shortcuts to improve your workflow, followed by our guide detailing how to batch edit photos quickly using Lightroom.
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