Failing at Big Goals? These 100 Days Projects Might Motivate You Again

Big goals can numb you. If you are hiccupping towards your big goals, then there’s some hope. But if those ambitions are lying comatose on some paper somewhere, then it’s time for a rethink.
That’s why behavioral experts recommend setting short goals. Thus the idea of 100 Days Projects emerged from the ashes of many failed intentions. Hundred days is neither too far nor too short for pulling off a challenge. It’s the low hanging fruit.
These five 100 Days Projects are just a few examples that might help you create your own challenge or find a community to do it with.
1. The100DayProject: A Global Art Project You Can Jump Into

Pick an art project on anything you can think of. Commit to 100 days of making and sharing your progress on Instagram. The100DayProject starts on April 2nd, 2019. In all the years since 2014, it has been a success too. The creativity sparker was started by Elle Luna (of The Great Discontent) and a group of friends.
The 100 days you spend on this project give you ample scope to stretch your creativity. You can choose anything for your own creativity test tube. You can paint, draw, dance, knit, doodle, sing, write a book, or even brush your teeth! But you have to do it till July 10th.
The site gives you both inspiration and structure. But it applies no restrictions. Sign up for the newsletter and open your inbox in the morning. As the site says, a good project is something you should want to do at least for 5-10 minutes every day if not more. Just make it easy and fun!
2. 100Days of Code: Turn Coding Into a Daily Habit

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We are a tech site, so it’s natural to swing back to topics like programming once we are done with other creative challenges. The 100 Days of Code is an always challenge to help you commit to a coding habit. You have to publicly commit to the challenge on Twitter and then start coding for a minimum of an hour every day for the next 100 days.
Feel alone? Connect to others with the #100DaysOfCode on Twitter or go to the site’s Connect page for the other routes.
The challenge does not restrict you to any coding languages. But let’s assume you are a beginner who wants to learn the ropes. The site recommends that you follow FreeCodeCamp’s Front End Curriculum.
Hundred days is a tiny step to building a coding habit, but it is an important one to carry on beyond that milestone. It could also help you regain your lost motivation for programming.
3. 100 Days of Swift: Learn One of The Most Popular Coding Languages

The TIOBE index places Swift outside the Top 10 rankings. But that doesn’t mean it is unpopular. It is just four years old and connected to Apple’s survival as it keeps developing apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux for a mobile world. Numerous coding courses are launched across the world often.
The 100 Days of Swift is a free collection of videos, tutorials, tests compiled by Paul Hudson who is the creator of Hacking With Swift book. The freebies are the resources that came out from his work on the book.
As he says, the 100 days course is aimed squarely at beginners who want to learn to build real iOS apps, but struggle to find a good, free course that can help them achieve their goals. The days are neatly organized with specific assignments. You have to do just two things:

Spend one hour every day reading or watching Swift tutorials, or writing Swift code.
Post about your progress to the social media site of your choosing and announce your achievement.

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If you still have doubts about starting this marathon, remember that Swift is worth learning for the immediate future.
4. 100 Days Without Fear: Stop Living in Fear

Michelle Poler is a great example of how any life project can propel you towards success. Or how it can eliminate those little bad habits that hold all of us back. The site isn’t a call for an “open challenge” but it can serve as a template to start your own on anything that helps break the straitjacket.
It’s an inspiring journey through Michelle’s big fears. It started off by accepting the challenge, covering mundane stuff like living without a cellphone for a day, and ending at giving the public TED Talk you can see above.
She ultimately turned her journey into a public speaking career. So you can make a dent in some area of your life too. Join the movement by clicking the bright yellow button on the site. Also, check out other inspirational stories on Hello Fears.
5. The Freedom Journal (Android, iOS): Do it in Micro Sprints

You have your goal set. But you need an accountability tool to help you stay on track. The Freedom Journal is a well-structured hardcover journal supported by the companion apps that gives you the place to set, track, and review your goal. Ideally, you should set one goal and accomplish it in 100 days or less.
There are already other journals out there and you can make your own too. The Freedom Journal wants you to focus on one major goal for 100 days. It breaks down the hairy goal into smaller ten-day micro-sprints followed by quarterly reviews. Every day you are supported with instructions and an inspirational quote.
The Freedom Journal was created by John Lee Dumas with entrepreneurs in mind. But it can be used by anyone. You can buy the hardcover version from the site. Or you can take a glimpse with this free 30-Day PDF. I will suggest that you try the mobile apps first and see if the structure suits you.
Download: The Freedom Journal 30-Day PDF (Free)
Download: The Freedom Journal for Android | iOS (Free)
Day Zero Is Today
A single project for a hundred days is a simple idea that requires just one simple thing—a commitment for some minutes of your day, every day. The benefits can be life-changing. You just might find your passion in something you thought you couldn’t do. It might help you build a portfolio of interesting work. It will take you out of your comfort zone!
But if you think that one-third of a year is a bit too much, then test the waters with these ideas for 30-Day projects instead.
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