Magic Mitte Filter Can Turn Tap Water into Mineral Water in Minutes

Mitte returned to CES in 2019 to show off a product that promises to transform the way we consume water at home.
The device can purify your home’s tap water to turn it into high-quality mineral water. While it began as a Kickstarter campaign, it’s now ready for general release.

As you probably know, regular tap water contains a lot of impurities, many of which are added by water utilities. Those impurities include chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals, and hundreds of other things that you really don’t want to be putting inside your body.
Mitte’s product can remove many of the impurities and replace them with the beneficial minerals that water receives when it flows through rocks over thousands of years. Thankfully, Mitte’s device is somewhat faster than nature’s approach. It can produce a liter of water every two hours.
The system relies on mineral cartridges. Three cartridges are available: Vitality, Balance, and Alkaline. Each cartridge can create 250 liters (66 gallons) of water and will cost around $40. As a result, each liter of water that the machine produces costs about $0.08.

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As you’d expect, there’s also a smartphone app which can provide feedback on your machine, manage purification schedules, and monitor the amount of water produced.
The app can also help you automatically replace old cartridges. Each cartridge is equipped with an RFID tag; when it’s running low, it will tell the app which in turn will make an order without your input.
We think the device is going to be popular. During the demo at the company’s CES booth, we were impressed with how easy it was to set up and operate. It also looks great; the white 16.5 x 17 x 12.5 inches appliance won’t look out of place alongside a coffee machine and toaster on any kitchen work surface.

The water filter will start shipping in June 2019. The company has not yet confirmed the retail price, but Mitte’s rep on the CES show floor said it would be around $380.
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