Dog Lovers Rejoice: Fido Will Soon Have His Own Odor-Free Indoor Bathroom

It turns out that ways to manage your pet’s toilet habits are a big topic at CES 2019.
We’ve already told you about LavvieBot, the smart self-cleaning cat litter box. But if you’re more of a dog lover, don’t worry, a startup called Newton’s Box and its Inubox device can help. In simple terms, it’s an automated indoor dog toilet.

The indoor element is excellent news for people who live in high-rise apartments or who have to leave their dog locked in the house while they head out to work for the day.
Inubox has a folding shelf which lays flat on the floor. The shelf is covered in a hydrophobic material upon which your dog does its business.
The shelf has a weight sensor, so when Fido steps away the machine knows the animal is finished. The tray then folds up, and a wiper pushes the waste into an out-of-sight sand bin (similar to a cat litter).
Next, a rake moves the waste out of the sand, along a hydrophobic ramp, and into a disposable bag. The bag is similar to what you would find in a baby’s diaper bin. Finally, the bags are sealed and ejected through a small compartment for you to dispose of.

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The device has a couple of other cool features: Firstly, when the dog has finished, a treat will be dispensed to encourage your pet to keep using the toilet. Secondly, when the entire process is finished, Inubox will eject small squirt of fragrance to sweeten the air.
We spoke to co-founder Raymundo Rincon. He said the Inubox could comfortably handle breeds around the size of an English Bulldog, though if pushed it could stretch to Golden Retriever size

The Inubox will retail for $1,200. Early backers on Kickstarter can pick one up for $1,000.
I’m a dog owner, and honestly, I was extremely impressed. So, now all you need to do is teach your dog to use Inubox in the first place. Depending on your pet’s personality, that might be easier said than done!
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